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Valorant Patch 1.07 Tier List

Valorant’s new patch has brought some interesting changes to the table, so let’s take a look at how it will shake up the meta and change any supposed tier lists that have taken hold as of late, starting with the best:   S-Tier ~~~~~ #Cypher

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Just as always, Cypher makes the top of the list as the best Agent in the game. You just can’t beat out covering flanks while having flexible vision that’s hidden when not in use. Nothing to see here, move along.   #Brimstone

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He’s the boring Agent to play without a lot of neat mechanics aside from his ultimate, but he’s a steady eddy that I can’t really see any competitive team playing without. Three smokes dropped from above that don’t require line of sight? Fogetabouttit.   #Viper

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A surprise visit from Viper! Those of you who read my work regularly will know that I put out an opinion piece on Viper a while back that was asking questions about the perceived weakness she had to carry with her and whether or not the community was accurate in assessing her strength.   I argued that, although slow to react in the heat of a gunfight, Viper was actually a potential A-Tier candidate for teams to make use of. But with the buffs in 1.07 made to her kit, there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s S-Tier, and I’m willing to stick my neck out to make that call.   In 1.07, Viper can place her wall up BEFORE the round has begun, THROUGH spawn barriers. Not only this, but as a little sugar on the side, her smokes don’t decay allies anymore, either.   She’s S-Tier, sue me.   A-Tier ~~~~ #Killjoy

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Most folk seem to think that because Killjoy’s ultimate has a long windup and can be counter played that it isn’t overpowered. Here’s my view: Just because you can play around her Ultimate by leaving the sight you’re defending just so that you can use your weapon, doesn’t mean you WANT to do that. It’s overpowered, and I love it.   Killjoy took a hit this patch with some nerfs to her turret and nanoswarm, but I never saw those two abilities as what defined her playstyle. Having her in your team means that you have a breach ultimate *but better*. She’s goin nowhere.   #Sova

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Imagine Brimstone levels of utility, but for vision. He’s a little harder to play and a little riskier, but a good Sova wins games without needing to shoot his primary. He received some visual updates this patch, but other than that he’s the same old steady boy we knew him to be.   #Breach

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He’s one of a kind, and I’m honestly conflicted about putting him lower than Sova here, but he certainly deserves at least an A-Tier slot. There’s no one else in the game that can occupy his role of entry utility quite like he can, so it doesn’t really matter how impactful his abilities are since no one has anything like them.   Like, sure, there are flashbangs entry fraggers can use, but can they rip the ground up from underneath their enemies? No, they cannot.   B-Tier ~~~~ #Sage

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Sage got hit REALLY hard this patch, with her walls becoming weaker as they build, her slow AOE reduced, and her heals shot down by 40%. This has caused a preemptive misunderstanding of the community to call her one of the weaker agents in the game.   What made Sage good was that she could heal her teammates from a far, force her enemies to spray bullets into walls just to continue pushing, and revive people *who have died already*. She can still do all that where no one else can, even if she does it a little worse. She’s still Sage, which means she’s still strong.   #Reyna The community seems to have started sleeping on Reyna and I’m not too sure why. If being able to heal a teammate (sage) is strong, why isn’t being able to heal yourself repeatedly through a round considered strong? Reyna has vision obscuring effects, a self heal to no end, and can become invulnerable, invisible, all while increasing her fire rate with her R. Not only do I think she’s the best entry fragger in the game, but I’d put her higher if I didn’t think utility was the name of success in the meta right now.   C-Tier ~~~~ We’re getting to the weaker side of things, ladies and gentlemen.   #Omen I realize Omen’s ultimate has become one of the stronger tools to initiate a push within recent times, but I still feel like his kit overall takes advantage of enemies who aren’t practiced well, whereas knowledgeable and quick opponents tend to play around him hyper-effectively. This might be the most controversial pick of this list, but I still don’t think he’s better than Reyna at the highest levels.   #Phoenix A Tier in charm, C Tier in firefights. He’s just okay, and that’s about all I can really say to sum him up. He’s got a flash, he can heal himself occasionally, he can wall off areas, and he causes some AOE damage. All of these things are okay, but Phoenix doesn’t execute them in a manner that can test his opponents in the same way a Reyna or Omen can. Even his R is lackluster, as an opponent who kills you once in a round isn’t less likely to do it again just because he or she knows exactly where you’ll be coming from.   #Jett Although the skill cap for this Agent has yet to be reached (I believe), I still can’t justify calling her one of the best. I can’t even justify calling her one of the best *entry fraggers*. Her mobility is offset horribly by the time it takes to be able to fire her weapon after dashing.   Sure, being able to get into unexpected area’s is nice, but at that point why wouldn’t you just play Omen. #JustPlayOmen   #Raze Listen, I love a nade hop as much as the next player, but cool highlights don’t win games, consistency does. And when it comes to Raze, she’s pretty much designed to *not* be consistent. Her paint shells are the best part of her kit, while her Boom Bot is no more than a nuisance, her blast pack is a 200 credit excuse to roleplay as Jett, and her ultimate will help you win a 1v1 *sometimes*.   If there were more agents, and I had enough space for it, I’d put Raze right down in the F-Tier, believe you I. That’s it for the 1.07 tier list. I’m sure a lot of you are going to have a load to say about it, so feel free to write your responses in the comments below. Until then,   GLHF, -E

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  • Gr1mm66 LV.18 Assassin Sep 5, 2020, 01:24 AM

    I think Reyna is more of an A or B tier because lately, people have been using her more effectively. Especially her ultimate, Empress. It’s gotten to the point where she becomes too op. Especially, when used in 1 v 5s, she can easily get the ace.

  • NO NAME verified Sep 4, 2020, 04:13 PM

    just great work 👌

  • VeryBerryMan LV.23 The Best Sep 7, 2020, 04:31 AM

    Reyna is C tier imo, Phoenix is A tier and in general, the pro community agrees, way more pros play Pheonix than Reyna. Omen is probably A too

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    Thanks for the tier list!

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    bruh Sage sucks now :(

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