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Why is Transitioning to Valorant Difficult?

Since my start of Valorant, I've gotten used to the playstyle from it and realized how strange it is to play it before or after playing another similar game. Games such as Call of Duty and CS:GO have their own mechanics but are extremely similar to each other. Valorant is very unique though and there's so much that will throw players off continuously. So, let's jump into the major differences between Valorant and other games that make it tough to transition to. 1. Distance for Tacticals.

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Smokes in both games are strategically thrown over various walls and long distances so that the team throwing them can get an upper hand. Unfortunately for players of these games, when transitioning over to Valorant, you're not going to be getting the pleasure of chucking a smoke or a grenade super far. Most things you throw or send over distances don't go very far. Yes, there's some things that go insanely far away but they're not the same as that from other popular games. Get used to close ranged action and get used to it quick or you're as good as dead. 2. Inequality in Playstyle Opportunities.

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Not every agent is great for post plant. Not every agent is great in tactical plays. Every agent is extremely different. That's very different than games like CoD and CS:GO where everyone shares the same weapon possibilities and can play in the same playstyles as each other if they'd like. This means the offense AND defense have to pay attention to who's alive post-plant and even before the plant to make sure that they're not missing out on some sort of potential threats throughout the rounds. 3. Maps Are More Open in Valorant.

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This is one of the things that actually bothers me about Valorant. There aren't many hiding places around the maps and most of the rounds don't last long because you're getting spotted somewhere quite early into the round. It's difficult having few hiding places and so you have to be extremely conservative as a team or extremely good at your gun skills if you're going to want to stand a chance with winning peeks around the map. To be honest, the defense has a huge advantage on most of the maps when it comes to many locations and it's strictly because of the open map issue. 4. The Abilities Are Easy to Use and Learn.

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Finally, let's not forget that the powers in Valorant are extremely easy to learn how to use in some sort of effective manner. Why can't players just cruise to higher ranks in that case? Well, mastering the powers is much different than just using them the same way every single round. But, it's definitely not hard to use them in some sort of way that'll make the rounds easier for your team. If you learn how to master their uses to rise in the ranks then that's a huge benefit for you and your team. Besides that, you're still pretty much good to go. Of course, these aren’t ALL of the things that are in need of getting used to so players can transition games. Crosshairs, audio, and sensitivity are always different from game to game but that’s something that players are used to by now. The things I mentioned make Valorant unique from most games and they’re the reasons that Valorant seems to be tough for many players to get a grasp of for now. As the game gets bigger and more popular, other games may adopt similar styles and we’ll be adjusting to it better than before. But until then, we’ll be working on learning Valorant more, day by day.

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  • waVe64 LV.15 Team Player Aug 24, 2020, 12:01 PM

    "Few hiding places"

    No. Just no. There are intentionally plenty of places to hide to encourage the attacking team to use abilities to safely clear it out. Ever wonder why on Split B site there's the left boxes to stand on and heaven, hell and pillar adjacent? It's to encourage the attackers to wall off the left using abilities like Sage or Phoenix's wall and to use smokes to run past heaven and hell.

    "You have to play super conservative"

    You mean you can't rush out like an idiot and get yourself killed? Are the only two ways you know how to play to either run out mid every round or hide in a corner and get one surprise kill? This is an appalling guide.

    As well, the game only has a defensive lean when you run out stupidly as attackers, dry peek long range angles and don't use any abilities to your advantage except when you see an enemy. Smokes, walls, flashes, stuns, etc.

  • Roiden verified LV.22 S Aug 24, 2020, 12:16 PM

    I'm just comparing the game to other games. If I mentioned other games then there would be a huge difference visible. The biggest thing that is different between Valorant and other games is that many spots on the map are very barren.

    Your example on B-Site is true. You have boxes on the left (when entering), a pocket in the far right under heaven, and 2 boxes within the planting area. Think about where you can hide post plant. Back Alley entrance (I don't personally know the spot's name off my head but this is what I've heard), heaven, or corner site (as I've heard it) are the 3 main spots I'll see. In a 1v1, it's very easy to clear every spot and make correct predictions.

    I'm not saying this is a bad thing. It's the way Valorant is and from my own experience, I know that it's simply something that I have to get used to since it's so easy to get opponents in predictable spots (such as mid on Split because players have 2 spots they can be standing on defense, logically... unless they crouch behind the boxes). If there were more objects on the ground or some more rooms (or more indoor action in general) then players would have more cover. It would feel more like R6 then, though.

    I completely see where you're coming from. Different ranked players are always going to play differently and they'll see it all differently. I think the matches I play have been overly predictable and it's less about the psychology in the game and more about the actual skill. Less game sense, I suppose. But that's just from my matches (and I'm not as high ranked as many players). I enjoyed your insight and I'm super glad I can see your side :)

  • waVe64 LV.15 Team Player Aug 24, 2020, 12:24 PM

    Surprisingly chill to my angry approach. Kudos.

    I think that the depth in post plant and defense doesn't just come from positioning, but from how you leverage abilities to waste your enemies time and intelligently distracting them from what they need to do.

    Not only that, but the map and game design put a lot of emphasis on team play and away from single minded solo play. That's why I find that while duelists are essential, initiators and controllers have the most impact on round wins because of how they create openings and little advantages for your team to work together. Another example is how on something like post plant Split B, you're not supposed to sit in a corner and wait to die, you're supposed to set up a crossfire with your team so if they push through you work together to punish their poor coordination.

  • Roiden verified LV.22 S Aug 24, 2020, 12:29 PM

    Ah yes definitely true. I'm comparing really harshly to other games where you don't have many alternate ways to clear areas, I think. Smokes, flashes, and all other alternatives exist that we just don't see in other games. We also have abilities that the defense can do from long distance that'll prevent or at least slow defuses which isn't as frequently seen elsewhere.

    I think in the end, there's plenty of similarities but the game is still very different than past games that became universally popular. I really enjoy it and don't see anything wrong with it being different in the ways it is. I just see it a certain way at the moment. Surely having some more experience and skill in the game would help me and change my insight on everything. I'm always open to having my mind changed!

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  • ‘ briznasty_ LV.10 Gym Leader Sep 2, 2020, 01:35 AM

    Don’t you dare ever compare call of duty to valorant and/or CS

    😂 that’s just rude

  • Roiden verified LV.22 S Sep 2, 2020, 01:37 AM

    You're right, CS and Valorant are much more strategic and skill based compared to CoD... but it's still a great series :)

  • ‘ briznasty_ LV.10 Gym Leader Sep 2, 2020, 01:38 AM

    Oh yeah but TOTALLY different games. That’s why I’m ‘offended’ by the comparison

    Just messing around 🤗

  • Roiden verified LV.22 S Sep 2, 2020, 01:39 AM

    No problem! I'm just coming from both games in my past so just figured it'd be my way to compare :D

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