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Aug 24, 2020, 03:37 AM 22 read

Biggest Mistakes Mid Elo players make

So, I made a post about the biggest mistakes low Elo players make, a few days ago. Now, I'm back for Mid Elo players. The lessons in the last post do pertain to Mid Elo players too, but not nearly as much. Mid Elo generally refers to Gold and Platinum, so that is the intended target, however, people above and below those ranks should also take note of these tips.   1. Not playing together. Playing together is one of the easiest things you can do to get more kills and win more rounds. I've talked about this before, and it's really important. Moving around, and getting into gunfights with at least 1 teammates, can turn a lost 1v1 into either a kill, or at least a trade if the enemy gets one of you. Of course, sometimes you will need to go solo, especially if you're lurking and want to sneak behind the enemies, but if you're moving into a zone where there will probably be enemies, it's smart to go with at least one teammate, to reduce the chances of you dying, and the enemy surviving.   2. Not posting up on a smoked off angle. At higher ranks, people will start doing high risk high reward plays such as walking through smoke. Thus, not keeping at least one person watching an angle that has been smoked off can pay off big time, especially if someone walks out behind your whole team and picks up an easy multi kill before you even know what happened. I see many teams make this mistake, so I advise you to take heed of this warning.   3. Not Executing at the same time. This is especially true on Offense, but can also be used on retakes, when you're on defense, and the spike has been planted. The difference between winning a round and losing one a lot of the time come to timing. If you want to take a site, moving in to take it, and supporting the push by taking mid at the same time is the best way to break down a defense. The site, and Mid, or something like Garage when pushing C on Haven, are the 2 things you should take when attacking. On a retake, you should also clear both of those sectors. Pushing to take site, and Mid/mid-link at the same time will split the Defense, and not allow them to support each other when defending the site. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. The difference between a good execute and a bad execute, is if you both push at the same time, or if you mistime your executes and end up being picked apart by a good defense. This is stuff people at all Elo's need to work on, and even pro players work on this in practice.   I hope this guide was helpful and you can improve with this knowledge. I probably won't post for the the rest of the week as I will be away.   See you on the battlefield!

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