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Aug 14, 2020, 11:12 PM 79 read

Clutch more 1v1s

So, I made a massive post that took me an hour, on how to get better at clutching 1v1s. Then, I accidentally deleted it. I have now lost motivation, but here is an abbreviated version of my post. A 1v1 is a very stressful situation, as its just you and the enemy, and you can't blame your teammates if you lose. Here are some tips and tricks to help you win more 1v1s.   1. Make as little noise as possible, and don't give away your location. Shift walking is recommended.   2. Try to figure out where the enemy is located, listen for any sounds effects they might make.   3. Ask your teammates for callouts on the enemies last known location.   4. Remember to use your signature ability, as it may have recharged.   5. Clear angles one at a time, and don't be too exposed.   6. Pick up better guns, but always picking up an Operator might not be smart if you're going into a close quarter scenario.   Well, that's it for this Post, hopefully I can now cure my depression of deleting my old post by looking at more Yusuf "Alex" Harris memes. I hope this was helpful and you can improve in those clutch 1v1s. See you on the Battlefield!

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