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Key Takeaways from the Faze Valorant Invitational

The Valorant Faze Invitational ended yesterday, with TSM beating Sentinels 3-2 to win the tourney, and $25,000. But, what can the average player take away from how the pros play? Here are some takeaways I got from watching, and analyzing various matches from the Faze Valorant Invitational. The first 3 are going to be comments on new agents that are emerging as part of the Act 2 meta.   1. Phoenix emerges as the best entry fragger. Once considered an irrelevant part of the meta, many pros, most notably Drone of TSM showed just how effective he can be. As one of the 3 agents who can heal himself, as well as having probably the best flash in the game, combined with an ultimate which can get kills and information on where the enemies are, makes him a great choice. He is essentially a better Reyna, and is the ultimate entry fragger for leading your team into site for a plant, or to play an aggressive defense.   2. A good Sova can make all the difference. At least in my matches, Sova is really underplayed. He is one of the 2 agents in he game centered around information, which is a critical tool in any round. His Owl drone is a great tool for information, almost as good as Phoenix's ultimate. His recon arrow can reveal where the enemy team is, and the shock dart is great at forcing enemies out of spaces. His ultimate can be an easy kill if paired with his Owl drone or recon bolt. However, Sova is a very hard agent to use, which is why many don't play him. But, the challenge is more than worth it, if you take the time to learn the agent, you can turn the tide in many of your matches. There are also plenty of Youtube videos that go through the best Sova recon dart alignment for each map.   3. Sage isn't essential. In many of my games, if the first 4 people don't pick Sage, the last one is usually peer-pressured into choosing her. And while she is probably S-tier, and one of the best agents right now, you can have a team comp without a Sage. Especially if you're playing a map like Ascent where you might want to go with both Brim and Omen, without a Sage, as that is a map where smokes are crucial. Sage is a really strong agent right now, but keep in mind that you don't always need her. Many pro comps don't have a sage, and they can still succeed and win without her.   4. You can give up site. When defending, if the entire enemy team is pushing hard on site, and you know that at best, you can get 1 kill, but you will probably get traded out, you can tactically retreat. Then, once you get away, you can wait for your team to rotate, and then push to retake site as a team. For instance, if you're defending B site on Ascent and you're in CT side, you can pull back, instead of trying to contest site, and dying. This way, your team will have greater numbers when going for the retake. This won't always be an option, but its something to consider.   5. Leaving a lurker. In almost every push when attacking, the other team would leave one player on the other site, usually to stop a long flank, or to flank themselves, and hit the defense from the side, or the back. This is a great way to keep the enemy team guessing. So, in your games, you can 4 stack and rush a site, and leave one guy on the other site, instead of a regular 5 stack.Similarly, on Defense, unless the spike is planted, or the spike carrier was killed, leaving one guy to defend the B site, even if it looks like a push onto A site, can work out, because the other team could be faking, or trying to sneak the spike into the other site while the defense all rotates. That is why you should always leave a lurker behind.   I hope these tips were helpful, and will help you improve. See you on the Battlefield!  

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