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How to git gud with the Operator

The Operator is the most expensive gun in Valorant, and arguably the best. Similar to the AWP in CS:GO, it is a one-tap kill to the head or chest. It is also a gun that requires a lot of aiming skill, as if you miss a shot, you can easily die. Even if you generally dont like the Operator and dont purchase it, it is important to at least be somewhat skilled with it, in case you pick it up off of a dead teammate or enemy. Here are some tips to improve with the Operator.   1. Aim at the chest. Contrary to everything you've been taught about aiming at head level with basically every other gun, you should aim at the body with the Operator. The Operator will always kill if you hit the enemy in the chest or head (unless its a penetration shot). However, it is much easier to hit the enemy in the chest than in the head. Therefore, always try to aim for the chest. Many of the tips in this guide can also be applied to the marshal, however, with the marshal, you should aim for the head, to get that satisfying one-tap, even if the enemy has full armor. The marshal only does 101 dmg to the chest, which means that you should aim for the head with it.   2. Try to use an agent which is good for sniping. Currently, Jett is the most popular agent for sniping, as she has lots of mobility, and easily deployable smokes if she gets caught in a bad spot after missing a shot. However, other agents with mobility such as raze with her satchel charges, or omen with his teleport can also be relatively good for sniping. Even Cypher can be used for sniping, as you can throw down and trigger his cyber cage and use it as cover to get out of a bad situation. Now, any agent can use the Operator, but to really maximize its effectiveness, you should use one which has good abilities to back up the strength of the Operator.   3. Build up muscle memory of firing and then instantly equipping your knife and running back into cover. This is a strategy all pro players use, except for Jett players who can do the same thing, but instead of running, they can use their dash ability to get back into cover. This is a good way of making sure you dont get traded, or killed because you missed your shot. As we all know, having your knife out makes you move faster, so instantly switching to your knife after your shot to run back into cover is better than keeping your gun out. Once your in cover, you can equip the Operator again, and decide whether you want to repeak the same angle, or hold a different one.   4. Don't keep a really tight angle. Possibly the biggest mistake I see players make is holding a really tight angle. Not all of us are like Wardell and have inhuman reaction time to shoot .01 seconds after the enemy appears on our screen. So, to make it easier on yourself, until you get to that level, hold a wider angle. This makes it easier for you to hit your shots as the enemy may walk straight into your crosshair, and if they don't its easier to flick and hit the enemy when you hold a wider angle.   5. Hold off angles. Holding unpopular or relatively unknown angles will decrease the chances of you getting smoked off, or flashed/blinded,the archenemies of snipers. Holding these nearly unknown angles can land you kills that you might not have gotten otherwise. remember to have some utility you can use to get out of a tough situation as if you miss a shot, you can get in rough waters if the enemy pushes you.   I hope this guide was helpful and informative. See you on the battlefield!

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  • Tropics_Player LV.17 Best Squadmate Aug 1, 2020, 11:18 AM

    Pretty good advice, but you should mention that counter strafing is another good key in using the operator, mainly for attackers. Pretty good guide regardless though👍

  • VeryBerryMan LV.23 The Best Aug 1, 2020, 09:07 PM

    Thanks for the advice. Might put that in another guide on how to counter the Operator meta