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The Ultimate Guide to Brimstone.

Brimstone is a controller agent in Valorant. Controllers are best used as their namesake, to control areas by shutting down your enemies lines of sight and angles. I am primarily going to talk about Brim's sky smokes as they are his most notable and main ability. Some of the smoke spots I will mention can also be used by Omen players, or other agents with smokes. Many Molotov spots can also be used by phoenix players with their signature ability, or viper with her poisons. I am by no means a pro player, but the things I will talk about, I have learned from personal experience, and by watching professionals play in pubs, and tourneys.   First lets talk about the combat stim. This is a very controversial ability, as many pros won't even buy or use them. I personally think that they can be useful, but in a very limited capacity. They are mostly good when attacking, and stacking a site. As you are about to push the site, you can throw it down, to give yourself and all your teammates a small buff in terms of fire rate. This can be good, and give your team the extra advantage to win gunfights. However, using a stim beacon usually will give away your location, which is a downside of the ability. If the enemy already knows where you are however, you can throw the stim down right in front of you, to get an advantage when enemies peek you, or when you peek them. You can have up to 2 stims a round, and each costs 100 creds. However, you will probably only use 1, or none a round. For this reason, I think that unless you are in a very good situation economically, you should only have one stim available per round. If you have 3900 creds after a round where you used a stim beacon, I definitely don't advise you to buy the stim and not have enough cash to buy full shields and an AR, especially if your team isn't saving that round.   On pistol rounds, some recommended strategies, are to buy 2 smokes (on top of the one which you don't need to buy) and one stim, and buy a ghost. Another strat if you want light shields and the classic, is to buy 1 smoke and the molly.   Next lets talk about the molly. This ability is nearly identical to Phoenix's hot hands and Viper's snake bite. They all create a small lasting zone where enemies cannot enter without taking damage from every second they stay in the zone. This makes it a great tool to clear out camping enemies, and stop rushes. You can only have 1 molly a round and it costs 300 credits, making it Brims most expensive ability. After a plant, if the enemies are pushing for a retake, you can stand on top of the spike and shoot the molly straight into the air. It will come down after a few seconds, rendering the spike un-defusable for the duration of the molly. On defense, you can also shoot the molly at popular spike plant areas, to force attackers to plant in a less optimal spot, or delay the plant by about 8 seconds. The molly can also be used when pushing a site, or after the plant, to deny rotating defenders access to power spots such as the entrance into site from Defenders side (CT, for you CS players) or Heaven. These can also be used in conjunction with Brim's sky smokes, to close down lines of sights, and stop defenders from pushing through smoke. Like most abilities in the game, if you have to choose between purchasing it, or having the creds to purchase full shields an an AR, choose the shields and the AR.   In terms of AWP, Brim is not the best agent to use as an AWPer, as he doesn't have many good abilities to use if he gets into trouble, unlike some other agents. However, if you are a very good AWPer who is playing brim, using the Operator is not a terrible idea. Brim does have a molly to use to stop anyone from getting to close to you. Brim also isn't the best entry fragger. He can be the second man in, but being the first one in is generally a bad idea. Brim has a lot of good post plant utility in his ult, smokes, and molly. Let your Phoenix, or Reyna, or Breach be the entry, and you can follow in behind them.   Now we move onto Brim's signature ability, the sky smokes. These are why Brim is high A/low S tier in the meta atm. Brimstone has up to 3 smokes a round, 1 of these will always refill at the start of a new round, meaning you only have to buy 2. Each one costs 100 credits, which means buying both will set you back 200 credits. I highly recommend having all 3 smokes at your disposal every round. When using the ability, you open up a map, with a limited range of where you can deploy your smokes. Left click to choose where you want the smoke or smokes (you can send down all 1, 2, or even all 3 smokes at once in different places), then right click to send them flying down. There is a short time in between when you send the smokes down, and when the smokes actually land and obscure vision, so don't put down smokes and instantly peak. There are many good smoke spots across all the maps, and online, you can find many different opinions on where to smoke off. These are some of my favorite spots: On Ascent: smoking defenders side mid and tree walk on attack, as controlling mid on Ascent is crucial. Also, smoking heaven on A site, and Defenders side on B site. On defense, smoking catwalk, and attackers side mid from B site. Also A main and B main are very good smokes on nearly every map, when on defense. On Bind: When attacking, A site heaven, and U hall when pushing down A mid. Smoking Defenders side main, and elbow when pushing B. Also, if the enemy has an Operator, smoking B long can be viable as that is a very common sniping spot. On defense, Smoking off A mid, and showers, can slow down A pushes. On b site, smoking off the entrance into heaven, and Attackers side long on B site (you can also get a free ult orb pretty much every round by doing this). On Split: When attacking, smoking off Ropes, and the stairs to heaven in mid, can essentially grant you mid control. When pushing A site, first you can smoke ramps, then Heaven as you push into site. After the plant, you can smoke heaven again, or long. When pushing B, smoking Heaven and and CT side are the 2 best smoke spots. On Haven: When attacking, smoking A heaven and CT side on A site hen pushing A. Smoking B entrance, if they have an Operator, if they don't have one on B, smoking both of the defenders entrances into B as you are ready to push in and plant is another good use of 2 smokes. When pushing C, smoking off Garage entrance into C and CT side on C site are the most popular smokes. If you push garage, one smoke into Heaven in Garage should make taking the area much easier. Once again, pretty much all of these smokes can also be utilized by Omen players too, or any other agents with smokes.   A couple ways to counter Brimstone: 1. Push through smokes. This one is really risky, but if you wait long enough for enemies to get lax, and not focus on places where Brim has smoked, or if enemies have already pushed ahead, without moving into a smoked area, such as ramps on Split, you can hit them on the flank, and get a couple kills on unaware enemies. However, this does come with risk, so be prepared to die if you do this. 2. Hold unorthodox angles, and stay in unpopular spots, so Brim won't smoke you off, and you can engage the enemy. 3. Peaking aggressively. Similar to tip number 1, like many agents, Brim can't shoot back at you if you catch him while he's using an ability. Swinging around corners like a maniac can occasionally land you a kill on brim if he thinks he's safe and is using an ability. This can also be very risky, so to minimize risk, you can also ask another teammate to peak with you, to trade kills. Brim is a very useful agent to have late game, so if you are a character like Phoenix or Reyna who is very good at the start of rounds, but uses up a lot of utility quickly, killing a brim who has barely used his utility, but getting traded off by his teammate can be a viable strategy.   Finally, we move onto his Ultimate, the Orbital Strike. Brim's ult unleashes a large circular radius where a big laser beam crashes down onto the Earth, doing damage like his Molotov. However, the Ultimate has a much wider radius, and also slows people down who are caught in it, making it harder to escape. Like the sky smokes, to use Brim's ult, you open up a tactical map. Make sure not to mis-click though, because once you select the location, you don't need to right click to start it, it instantly activates once you left click the location where you want it to go. Like the sky smokes, there is a short duration of time before it hits the ground when enemies can flee the area and avoid getting hit, or killed. The best use of Brim ults, are either to use it on a site, when enemies are planting, or to use it one the Spike, when enemies are attempting to defuse it. Brim ults generally are area denials, not an attempt to get a kill, though that is an added bonus. Also, right after you ult is a great time for you, and your teammates to push the enemies, as they will generally be more focused on running out of the way of the ult rather than killing you.   One final tip for all players. Have more than one main, so you have someone else to fall back on when someone steals your main. It helps to have 2, or even 3 agents that you're good at so you almost always have someone to play when your first choice is taken.   I hope you found this guide helpful and informative, and hopefully you learned some key takeaways that you can apply into your game. See you on the Battlefield!    

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