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Heyo. I’m Blossom and today I’d like to tell you guys about some things that are coming to valorant and answer some questions frequently asked. Maybe you knew some of them, and maybe you didn’t. Now let’s hop on into the post. As you know Viper’s gotten a lot of nerfs. She pretty much is not that playable as she was before. I don’t find her as fun as before. Riot really shouldn’t focus on the numbers too much, and that’s what they’re planning on doing. Viper is about to get some changes. There’s gonna be about 3 changes or even more. It’s not gonna be a complete rework, but let’s say it’s gonna be a half-rework. We don’t know much since the riot employee didn’t want to share too much. All the information I’ve found was that she is gonna get a huge change in her ultimate (X). From what the Riot employee said on his stream, Viper is about to be able to stay out of her ultimate about 3 times longer than she could before. Champion that’s supposed to get nerfed is Raze. On the main target is probably her ultimate. They want to add more counterplay to it, but keep the ultimate still useful. Maybe they will also decrease the damage of her bombs, but that’s just a maybe. I wouldn’t worry much about the movement. Players really adore Raze’s movement, so I don’t think Riot would change that anytime soon. Another agent on the target to be nerfed is Sage. Sage is my baby and I adore to play her. She has the highest pick ratio and also win ratio. I don’t really know much about her changes, but Riot probably is not going to focus on numbers this time. We don’t know a lot about what they’re planning to do, but maybe they will change the way her abilities work a little bit. Players frequently asked Riot little things about the game. I’ve found some answers that may be interesting to you. Riot is planning to add a gifting system like it was in League of Legends. They plan on putting it to the game on the end of 2020, or maybe even earlier. I can’t wait on that honestly. In Valorant there’s gonna be also a replay system. I’m not sure if I stated the name correctly, but correct me if I’m wrong. What I meant is that you will be able to watch replays from the game you played. Maybe you wanna watch the mistakes you’ve done and make sure you’ll never do them again, or maybe record some replays for the videos you’re making. There was also a question if there’s gonna be something like being able to choose a map that you wanna play on. Riot said a harsh no to that. Mostly because the queue waiting time would increase way too much, especially on competitive and higher ranks. Did you know that one of the Riot employees quit? They were the one taking care of the whole ranking system. Yes! It does mean that NO ONE is taking care of the ranking system at all. Don’t expect any ranked changes too soon until Riot finds a new employee on that place. Cheers! Blossom. #valorant #Valorant #news #update #nerf #buff


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    hello :D

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    You summed up the recent Valorant news really well! Definitely looking forward to the replay feature in the future. It would be interesting to see what they are going to do next with ranked.

  • saku LV.19 Mod Jul 20, 2020, 10:31 AM

    I really hope they find a replacement soon. I don’t play competitive yet since I feel insecure. But I really do hope they solve it since I’ve heard it’s pretty fked up for now.

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    Good thanks for the info