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Agent Counter Cheat Sheet

As Thanos once said, “perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” And while some Raze and Reyna haters may argue that Valorant has never been balanced, Riot Games has at least tried. Almost all of the agents have an aspect of their kit that is countered by another in some shape or form. In a recent #AskValorant Q&A, they mentioned that they don’t want any hard-counters to agents, but counters still do exist. Here’s an overview of the counters and then I’ll go in-depth about the reasoning below.   The picture is a bit sloppy, but photo editing isn't my strength. Incase the picture doesn't properly explain:

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Sage counters Raze Cypher counters Omen Brimstone counters Viper Omen counters Sage Sova counters Viper & Cypher Raze counters Cypher & Sage Breach counters? Jett counters Brimstone & Phoenix Phoenix counters Brimstone & Reyna & Raze Reyna counters Jett Viper counters Reyna     Sage:

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Sage is an agent that is great at stopping rushes, which is what Raze excels at. Sage counters Raze situationally. More specifically, the use of Sage’s abilities almost always elicits the use of Raze’s abilities within a certain time span. For example, if Sage creates a wall, to remove or get over it quickly, Raze must use satchels. Additionally, Sage’s wall can block every single one of Raze’s abilities from doing damage.     TL: DR; Sage can block Raze’s abilities with her wall, with proper reflexes.     Cypher:

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Cypher is good at covering flanks, and Omen is great at flanking. Cypher similarly counters Omen situationally. One of Omen’s strongest strengths is disrupting and flanking with his ultimate. Cypher can keep watch over these unassuming angles Omen can come from and prepare for him. A properly placed Trapwire can completely screw with an Omen’s plans.   TL: DR; Cypher can stop Omen from coming behind your whole team unnoticed.     Brimstone:

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Brimstone is a controller like Viper, but he controls more offensively than other controllers. In the context of Brimstone versus Viper, he can counter her ultimate with his own. Orbital Strike and Viper’s Pit have similar sizes, so you can flush her out if it’s up.   TL: DR; Brimstone counters Viper’s ultimate with his own.     Omen:

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Omen, like Jett, is great at getting around utility. As an agent that is entirely utility, Sage struggles to keep Omen at bay with walls and slows like other agents. His ultimate and Shrouded Steps allows him to sneak past her walls and slows.   TL: DR; Omen counters Sage’s Barrier Orb and Slow Orb with his ultimate and Shrouded Steps.     Sova:

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Sova is good at scouting out territory and feeling for danger. When it comes to higher levels of play, Sova’s Shock Darts are used to clear Cypher’s Trapwires which are one of Cypher’s strongest tools.   Sova similarly counters Viper, but for other reasons. His Recon Bolt completely counters Viper’s ultimate, smoke, and wall. All of Viper’s tools are used to obscure enemies from sight but his Recon Bolt exposes enemies, completely unobstructed by them.   TL: DR; Sova is good at clearing Cypher’s traps with shock darts. He hard counters Viper’s ultimate, smoke, and wall.     Raze:

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Like Sova, Raze can also remove Cypher’s Trapwires with her Blast Pack. This is a soft counter considering the range of Raze’s Blast Pack, but still a counter. With how important Trapwires are the Cypher, it’s big enough counter to note.   On the other side of the spectrum, Raze also counters Sage. In a situation where a wall is not in play, Raze can remove enemies before Sage’s heal takes effect. By the same token, when Sage is reviving teammates, she’s especially vulnerable to Raze’s area-of-effect abilities.   TL: DR; Raze counters Cypher traps with her satchels. She also counters Sage healing with her burst damage.     Breach:

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I couldn’t find or think of anyone Breach specifically counters or gets countered by, feel free to give suggestions in the comments.     Jett:

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Jett is an agent that’s skillful at getting around utility. A controller like Brimstone that thrives on area-of-effect abilities like smokes, Molotovs, and Orbital Strike, can’t keep Jett in any of them. Her Updraft and Tailwind can keep her safely away from any of his abilities.   This counter is a bit biased, but I feel it’s reasonable. Jett counter’s Phoenix. Specifically, Run it Back is countered by her Blade Storm. After the recent patch where her Ultimate is now refreshed if she kills Phoenix with it, what was once Phoenix countering Jett is now Jett countering Phoenix. My reasoning behind it is her ability to one-shot Phoenix before he has time to do any damage with his ultimate. I believe this is fairgrounds for a counter.   TL: DR; Jett counters Brimstone’s abilities with her agility. Jett counters Phoenix ultimate with her ultimate.     Phoenix:

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After TSM Drone brought his version of Phoenix to light, Phoenix has found a new niche to play with. Phoenix’s new role is to occupy a smoke and use it to his advantage with his curveball. Agents that smoke in choke points or for cover create space for Phoenix to take advantage of. Brimstone’s long-duration smokes, in particular, are the best places for Phoenix to make a play. On the same note, Phoenix’s ultimate, Run it Back, counters one-shot single-use ultimates like Brimstone and Raze’s ultimates.   My reasoning behind countering Reyna with Phoenix is simply his ability to have two shots at this 1v1 empress and potentially obstruct leer with his wall. After the patch where Phoenix spawns soul orbs after dying when in ultimate, the counter has diminished by quite a bit, so it’s less relevant.   TL: DR; Phoenix Counter’s Brimstone Ultimate with his own and smokes with his flash. He counters Raze’s ultimate with his ultimate.     Reyna:

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Opinions about Reyna’s relative tier level within Valorant agents is often debated, but one consensus that has been come to is that she’s the queen of 1v1s. Taking this into account, an agent like Jett that seeks to pick people off alone theoretically would find trouble picking off Reyna by herself. Jett’s ultimate completely relies on line of sight, and Reyna’s Leer makes players nearsighted.   TL: DR; Reyna counters Jett’s ultimate with her flash, Leer.     Viper:

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Viper is a controller that obstructs vision generally on plant sites. Reyna similarly obstructs vision, but these two types of vision obstructing aren’t alike at all. My reasoning behind Viper countering Reyna is that Leer only works in the line of sight of the eye, and Viper has many things to obstruct the line of sight to Leer. So theoretically, Reyna could intentionally throw two flashes through Viper’s ultimate and wall, and she would still have her smoke to obstruct vision towards Reyna’s Leer. The height of Viper’s wall and ultimate generally completely block the line of sight towards a casual Reyna’s Leer.   TL: DR; Viper counters Reyna Leer with her smokes.     If you have any suggestions for Breach, can't comprehend my reasoning, or just downright disagree, feel free to let me know in the comments. https://moot.us/qnas/40548/what-valorant-topic-would-you-most-like-to-see-covered

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