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Jun 25, 2020, 05:42 AM 85 read

Ranked Valorant Confirmed to be Released Today

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  Riot Games had delayed the competitive game mode until today due to balancing and exploit issues, but has confirmed that they will be doling out the competitive mode in a hashed manner that will be as follows:   At 1 pm pacific time: R, OCE & APAC, then   At 2 pm pacific time: NA/BR/LATAM, and lastly,   At 8 pm pacific time: EU, RU, TR & CIS regions.   Given the time frame Riot gave themselves to get the game mode out since Valorant’s official release on the 2nd of June, a 24th of june ranked release isn’t bad at all, in terms of speed. But then again, maybe that’s a standard we should hold Riot to these days anyway?   All I know is that ranked will invigorate players with new motivation to stay committed to this game, and discussions for proper balance will begin to come to the forefront of the community's attention as people begin to see the same team comps over and over again.   This will also be the best news for people who want to know what the best players really look like. Content creators from all platforms will be able to back up their opinions and strategies with cold hard Elo, baby! Who's going to rise the top? The mechanical prodigies or the strategic masterminds? Both?   In anycase, I wish you all the best in ranked today, friends. GLHF,   -E

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