Chrome Gecko LV.10 Nomad
Jun 21, 2020, 12:21 AM 39 read


Welcome the Cosmic Phoenix clan. Tired of Toxic assholes Ruining your fun or randoms that don't know wtf they are doing well than Join Cosmic Phoenix. The clan is currently casual but there are plans to do some comp activities in the future. We do multiple games across multiple consoles (yes this includes mobile and PC.) Even if your in another clan you can still join and just sort of chill here talk with people and play games. Anyone could become an admin/staff to you just have to ask, be active, and do whatever it is you sign up to do for staff. These are the conditions to join   - YOU MUST BE 14+   - YOU MUST BE ACTIVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE   - YOU MUST BE RESPECTFUL   - DON'T JOIN JUST TO LEAVE   - DON'T JOIN JUST TO PROMO YOUR STUFF       Those are the only conditions to join       If you want to join either got to the discord link or dm       when you join fo your intro please there's a format you can use in the pin tab.       (also don't ask me if I want to merge or do clan wars I don't want to merge I don't wanna do clan wars so don't dm me asking if I want to do either cause I will tell you to fuck off K thx 😁)       My Discord: Chrome Gecko#0565   Clan server:

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