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Are the Valorant Guns Balanced?

As with every good FPS game, the guns have to be balanced or else there'll be an uproar about overpowered or underpowered guns. Games become stale when one gun is overused and abused. Since Valorant's release, there've been several favorite guns that have been talked about positively, negatively, and also have not reached the point of controversy on either side. Here's my view on every gun and whether we need a change with the weapon or not. If it needs a change, I'll also give my opinions on the various options we have.  

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  (For the sake of this post, all enemies have full armor, also.)  

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  Classic An interesting pistol to have players start with. It's a two-headshot killer BUT with the option to fire 3 bullets at once. The spread of the 3 bullets make it very unlikely to hit two of those three shots from range but it's possible. Little known is that this gun can penetrate through one player and hit another with enough damage to kill in two shots, both of them in the head. Changes needed: None.   Shorty Two shots per round is pretty low but the fact that this gun can take those shots rather quickly and can kill two people in one shot (along with one shotting players from close range) makes it a rather nice twist. I'm not sure if the price is low enough as it seems it has the power to cost a little more. Changes needed: Maybe a price increase by 200 credits.   Frenzy Another two-headshot killer. There's one slight flaw that I see and that's the fact that you can quickly double tap and keep enough accuracy to hit someone's head with the second shot without recoil hurting. In some situations, you can also use the first 2 bullets of regular spray to get the double headshot you need. I think the price is fine for the pistol though. Changes needed: Depending on the future of the game, we may need to make double tapping a little tougher (increase second tap recoil slightly).   Ghost Silenced guns are meant to have less recoil in games. The ghost is another 2 headshot killer that I personally like to use because it's strong enough to cause a problem and the gun's capacity isn't too low. Overall, this is the most realistic and fair pistol of them all. Changes needed: None.   Sheriff The instant headshot killer has a low bullet count and perfect accuracy if you're walking or standing still. That's absolutely insane if you take into account some players' aims. I'm all for a hand cannon being in the game but perfect accuracy while moving in any sort of way is a little tough to believe at times. Changes needed: Make is less accurate while walking (it's already inaccurate while running).     SMGS:

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  Stinger One of our two SMG's is a burst fire weapon... sometimes. It's semi-automatic when aiming down your sights. If you choose this option, you have to shoot each 4 bullet burst individually, so pay attention to what gun you're using if you pick one up. I've been surprised before. If you hit 3 shots in the head, the enemy dies. Miss one and you'll need more shots to finish the job. If you don't ADS, you can treat it like a normal fully automatic weapon, though. Quite a strange combination but I'm okay with that. Changes needed: None.   Spectre Again... silenced weapons are meant to have less recoil in games. With that said, the Spectre has a crazy good combination of fire rate, low recoil, and enough damage to kill anyone caught first (unless you instantly headshot them with certain guns). It's super cheap, too. That's a problem. Changes needed: Raise the price to 2000-2500.     Shotguns:

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  Bucky is a rather strong pump shotgun. It's got a fair range that you can't really complain about. It has single shot reloads that can be interrupted in case you're caught while reloading. That's a huge benefit that I approve of in any game. Overall, the damage makes sense (it can one shot from a medium range if your spray works with you). I'd just raise the price slightly. Changes needed: Raise the price to about 1100 or so.   Judge This fully-automatic shotgun has quite a bit to it. The accuracy is great for a shotgun but the faster you shoot, the more your spread increases. It can still one shot just as well as the Bucky and it's a bloodbath if you walk a few players behind one of these unnoticed. Because this is such a brutal weapon, I'd say we can buff the price a little on this one, too. Changes needed: Raise price to about 1800.     Rifles:

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  Bulldog Another semi-automatic burst weapon that has insane accuracy. But, I have a lot of questions. When you compare this gun to the stinger, what makes it better? You're shooting about half the amount of bullets per second (Stinger shoots 18 and Bulldog shoots 9.5). The guns work the same way (ADS for burst fire and don't ADS but fully automatic fire. The only change is the Bulldog need to hit 2 headshots to finish someone off which, while using ADS, you'll be fine (same with the stinger). Two bursts to the body with either gun will kill the enemy. What's the point of the gun? Because we have so few SMG's, we're better off removing the gun overall. You're get better recoil and that's it with the Bulldog. Seriously... we don't need it. Changed needed: Remove the gun.   Guardian This gun is a crazy M16 style gun that single-fires its shots and kills instantly with a headshot. If you're got insane accuracy, you can use this gun for the entirety of the time that you play Valorant and never be contested. It's sitting at 2700 credits which I think could use a slight buff. Any weapon that can one shot an enemy to the head needs to be more expensive than other guns in its area. Changes needed: Raise price to about 3200   Phantom This gun is the first one that shows that distance matters. The Phantom can instantly kill someone with a headshot from a certain range. Otherwise, you're looking at a headshot and then another shot to any part of the body to kill them. It can be the leg, even. That's still quite a strong gun and I'd suggest buffing that price up a bit, as well. Changes needed: Raise price to about 3400   Vandal The amount of people that use this gun is crazy. One headshot. Any range. Instant kill. If that's not overpowered then I don't know what is. It costs the same as the Phantom meaning you can just take this over the Phantom and not worry about the need to hit two shots at certain ranges. Major changes needed. Changes needed: (Option 1)... Remove the gun and let the Phantom be the "big" Rifle. Raise the price of Vandal to 3700 or so. (Option 2)... Remove the Phantom and let the Vandal be the "big" Rifle. Raise the price of Vandal to 3700 or so. (Option 3)... Raise the price of the Phantom to about 3400 and the Vandal to about 3800, with a nerf for the Phantom so it's NEVER a one-headshot kill.     Snipers:

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  Marshal The Marshal is a one shot killer for non-armored enemies. A headshot kills every time, though. No questions asked. The noscope accuracy is nearly perfect when you're not moving, though. It also has single bullet reloads you can interrupt. The sniper is well rounded and I haven't heard any complaints. I'm thinking a slight price increase, given it can one shot players without armor. Also, it shoots a little fast for my taste. That can be a little overpowered if you ask me. Changes needed: Raise price to about 1500. Slow the time between shots a tiny bit, also.   Operator I might go insane if I hear another complaint about the OP (Operator). It meets the everyday sniper criteria... inaccurate noscopes, costs more than any other gun in the game, and it's only used by the players that earned it or saved a long time for it, and a long reload time (no single bullet reloads). Why should we lower the damage, too? If people did that, they'd just stick to the cheap Marshal as that'd make it better than the Operator in every way possible. Every game NEEDS a one shot sniper or else they're just putting useless weapons in the game. The Operator is perfect in every way as it is and anyone who hates the fact that it's a one shot kill doesn't seem to complain about the overpowered Vandal. Let's fix the broken guns, not the historically accepted guns. Changes needed: None.     Heavy:

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  Ares I've rarely used the Heavy weapons but I've seen some good work done with them. They absolutely delete players from any range if you land a few shots... and you've got a LOT of shots! 3 headshots or 5 body shots will take a player down which isn't hard to get a combination of with the Ares. The spray is way too generous, though. I'd definitely fix the price or the recoil (to make it tougher to use) because the gun's mechanics are fine, otherwise. Changes needed: (Option 1)... Increase recoil. (Option 2)... Increase price to about 2000. (Option 3)... Both option 1 and 2.   Odin You know how some people yell, "SUPPRESSING FIRE" when they spray a 100 gun in a certain direction? Yea... you better be yelling that with the Odin. It's a little pricier but it has such a high fire rate and such minimal recoil that anyone in a narrow alleyway will NEVER stand a chance. 2 headshots or 4 body shots to kill. Now THAT'S power... and you've got 100 bullets to do it. Oh, and your fire rate goes from 12 bullets per second to 15.6 bullets per second as you hold your spray. Hit 1/6 of your one second spray as headshots or just get 33% of your one second spray as body shots... game over. I'm glad the recoil is a little tough to use at long range. Changes needed: It may need a price raise... 3600 seems fair to me.     If you disagree, let me know below! I'd love to talk about which guns are amazing and which aren't with you! Every gun has its own potential if used by the right person! What gun(s) do you use and why? I'm excited to find out!

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