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The Good and Bad to Valorant

Ever since Valorant's release, I've been having a ton of fun playing it. I've been noticing a lot of good and bad things about the game and I think it's time to share my opinion on whether the game is doing what's best or what's worst for itself. Truth be told, there are many things that are extremely good, so I'll try to start with the bad things in the beginning.  

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  The first minor problem I have is the size of the maps. It may not even be a problem with the maps but rather the shapes. All of the maps have a lot of corners and close combat action happening. There's some open areas but they're usually in mid and that creates a less creative style of play since people are playing "hide-and-seek" around the entire map. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of open area to work with but I feel that the map should at least be bigger so we have more space to do things. Slightly problem. The maps are practically all amazing so far.  

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  The second and final problem I have is that the game is very... flat? The best word to describe it is definitely flat since there aren't many elevated locations for players to get to. Jett has a huge advantage with being able to slow fall and burst up into the air, but other characters should have options, too. It just seems like the game is and will continue to be more predictable if you don't have more variety added to the spots on the maps that you can access. Will this be fixed? I honestly think it will be, eventually. As for now... keep your aim lower. There's no use in looking up most of the time.  

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  Onto the first of the amazing things that Valorant has! To begin, let's talk about the moves and advantages of characters. I'm not going to go over every single character, but there's a character with a move to get players through walls, see them through walls, smoke areas of the map, move quicker, and so much more. There's heavy damage moves and healing characters. Every single way to manipulate the game to have an advantage seems to exist and with the proper combination of moves, there's a way to play for everyone. Simply looking up the top plays in Valorant on YouTube leads to videos that show all sorts of tricks that players are using to get the upper hand. It's actually crazy to see all of the ideas people have had and executed SUCCESSFULLY!  

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  Next up, the game is really good with the time it takes to play a game. Rounds aren't ridiculously long and games don't last ridiculously long, so it's not hard to enjoy a quick match before you have to go. The game is still very laid back also as players are just learning how to play the game and there's plenty of people who aren't using mics... etc. The game is still in the process of being warmed up by the population and the best thing about it is that we're ending our games quickly which ends our suffering quickly or makes us happy to have won a game so quickly.  

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  Finally, I'm very happy with the little mechanics involved. The fact that you can shoot players' powers at times, sell items you misbuy, or even buy for players directly after they specifically ask for a weapon. Riot Games incorporated a lot of things that people have lacked from preexisting games and that was a genius move on their part. People are finally able to enjoy all their needs in a new game which has been way overdue for many years.  

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  Overall, the problems Valorant has are minor and definitely have chances to change as the game evolves to be more or less aggressive (whichever way works best over time). There's also so much to enjoy about the game that there's little time to notice the issues live, while playing the game. Let me know what you think is good and bad about the game so far! Is it better than the games we have today? Is it the next big game? I'm excited to hear! Keep gaming!

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  • XxDodgy LV.18 Professional Noob Jun 10, 2020, 03:19 AM

    If I can just add to this, I actually have 2 more problems, again not saying the games bad, I still have a lot of fun with it too:

    No damage markers - personally I feel like I need to know how much damage I'm doing it just helps, but some people don't care and that's fine, I just wish it was an option.

    Not enough health - When I first started playing the game and still a lot now I find myself getting one tapped a lot which doesn't make the game too fun and I feel as though I never do as much damage, I know where to hit to get higher damage, but I still feel like the damage of weapons needs to be lowered or health needs to be heightened (if that makes sense).

  • Roiden verified LV.21 S Jun 10, 2020, 03:54 AM

    Yea I definitely approve of lowering weapon damage. The Vandal, Guardian, and other guns are too strong. On top of that, the Vandal isn't that expensive which is ridiculous. If we had raised prices, that may also fix the problem as fewer players would use these guns. Heck, even pistols can two tap someone which makes sense to an extent, but is unrealistic. Yet, the shotguns are super weak it seems. Some guns need balancing QUICK.

    Having the chance to see how much I hit someone for would be cool but I'd rather just see I hit someone. I'm getting used to the damage amounts but sometimes I'm not sure if I hit someone or whiffed. Blood splatter, a hitmarker, or something to show I've connected would be awesome.

    Any other ideas?

  • XxDodgy LV.18 Professional Noob Jun 10, 2020, 04:45 AM

    I don't have any other ideas at the moment, but I haven't been playing for long either. I usually play spike rush because I don't usually know how much time I'll have to play so lowering cost wouldn't fix it too much, but I see where you're coming from. Also there is a setting to add blood, but even then it is still hard to know when you have hit someone.

  • Roiden verified LV.21 S Jun 10, 2020, 04:58 AM

    Ah I'll check it out, then. Blood on walls helps a lot

  • StabberGirl LV.19 Champion Jun 10, 2020, 03:29 AM

    You forgot that Sage could go up at higher places with her wall. And Omen can teleport. The Sage wall is very usefull for every agent tbh. And you forgot about razes C4, as you put it on the ground and you time it right you can jump higher with it than usual. Aaaand Viper has a little trick too! But I don't really now how to do it. But others can ride her wall on top of it and is a very good tactic tbh. And yes it really works, I saw it one time. And as you mentioned Jett. So I think you're point in that subject isn't right at all. Well in my eyes. Everything else agreed!

  • Roiden verified LV.21 S Jun 10, 2020, 03:48 AM

    I definitely see it now. T LLPhere's so much to the game we're still learning that I'm still learning and seeing... it's easy to forget things. Overall the game seema extremely balanced and the powers aren't necessarily significantly advantageous for players as it seems there's a way to counter a lot of things. Sometimes it's just a matter of timing your shot through a smoke while other times you just need to flick to a flying Jett or Raze. The characters are all balanced in one way or another and that's my main point. I enjoyed reading your opinion!

  • StabberGirl LV.19 Champion Jun 10, 2020, 04:02 AM

    Ah ok, gotcha! And yes still learning and learning. But also I got your points. I just wanted to point it out so it won't get lost.

    And I don't know if it's just me but I really hate the Operator aka Awp. I know you can dodge and counter it. I do it mostly too but I don't know it's way to strong I think. But when I play it and in my eyes I see hitting the enemy with the op it doesn't make any damage but me dies right after? Dunno if it's just me or something else I have to practice or know better🤔🤨

  • Roiden verified LV.21 S Jun 10, 2020, 04:06 AM

    As someone who sniped a lot and almost got involved with Amatuer-Pro games in TF2... Sniping is an art that you can learn to various levels. I love the fact that it can 1-shot a player. A sniper should always do a lot of damage and the OP (as I see people calling it) is fine, in my opinion. 4500 is a good price for it, too. Someone needs to save a round or two to get it which can be risky. Meanwhile the Valor is just like the AK47 in CS:GO... too strong for a cheap price. I'm pretty decent with the OP so maybe I'm biased but the price makes up for it, for sure.

  • StabberGirl LV.19 Champion Jun 10, 2020, 04:17 AM

    Hm, okay. But somehow I don't understand it. I hit the enemy and for some reason it looks like it does not connect at all.. Was I then too slow and the bullet past the enemy ? Or whoat. Sometimes it's really weird to me..

  • Roiden verified LV.21 S Jun 10, 2020, 04:22 AM

    I definitely relate to it. I don't know if the game is real time or not (the bullets travels over distance or if it instantly hits the spot you shot at), but if there's a delay (even by millliseconds), it could miss when it was on. Ping can also be an issue since someone with higher ping is technically further down their path than you see them. When you see them in a spot, they may ACTUALLY be a few steps further (which we call "lag"). Hence, when you shoot their body, they're not actually there since the game reads their position as the position that THEY see it as (if they have the lower ping).