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Jun 8, 2020, 02:13 PM 95 read

Interested in pro-life?

If you are aiming for competing in pro tourneys then you need the drill. First and foremost consideration when it comes to valorant is the amusement. I watched CSGO pros interview videos, in which, they admitted that many of them admitted they never play CSGO for fun. TBH, yes, they don't play it for fun, they play for their livelihood. If you wish to train like pros, here is the routine as stated by Allu 1. Wake up and practice aimbotz (aim training) 2. Work out 3. Attend his day time job 4. practice up to 6 hours a day 5. Sleep 6. Repeat I would like to point out that to get good at one game, it will take about two months time. If you take up drill for 2 months, you should be good at it (source: a youtube video). But whatever it takes, the average retirement age of pro players is approximately 27 years. But I guess the retirement age will rise further. So, if anyone wishes to join the pro team, then it is better to start getting better at the age of 16-17 and catch the eyeball of a team.   Express your opinion on pro-life!

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