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A new map, Ascent review

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Ascent is the 4th map of Valorant.   This map has 2 sites, various access to the sites, wide center area.   Many players are not so used to this map so let's see the detail of this map.  

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Each site has a door and a switch.   A site, the switch is next on the door. If you approach the switch and press F, the door will be closed slowly.   Once the door was closed, the players need to attack the door to destroy it. (There's no switch to open it)   Both the offense team and the defense team could use this usefully.   Defense, they can just close the door immediately when the round starts so that they can block the way from the offense team. If your team failed to stop them from the center field, you can close the door to waste their time or force them you make some noise to destroy the door.   Offense, once they take the site and plant a Spike, they can also close the door to block the way from defenders.   Under the A site rafter, there's a kind of hideout. This is really nice place for offense team if they've planted Spike already. If they closed the door of A site, there are only 2 ways to A site. A main or A rafter. Under the A rafter is the perfect place to hide so the offense team could do some lurking play.  

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There's a destructible window near A site. If your enemies closed the gate to the A site, you can turn around to this way and destroy the window to get to A rafter. Of course, it will cause some noise to destroy it so be careful to move.  

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B site's door switch is a little far from the door. You can find it under the rooftop building.   If you closed the door, the B site also has only 2 ways to get in. From the defender spawn or B main. Your opponents can destroy the door to open it, but you can hear the noise so easily.   Offense team could check on the B site with Sage's wall from the window before they enter the site so if you're an offense team and have Sage in your team, scout B site with her wall.  

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On the right side of the B site, there's a wall that you can hide behind. If you stand on the edge of the wall, your enemies cannot see you but you can hear everything from your enemies once they entered B site. Kinda risky but a worthy place.  

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There's a huge, wide area in the center of the map.   There're 2 wall shot prevent platform on the wall of offense team's side. The platform starts with green, but when you hit the platform with your weapon, it turns into red. Once the platform destroyed, you can expect wall shots to the offense team.   Your aim and skill shot is extra important in this area, especially the smokes. If you're offense team, choose the smoke spots carefully before you rush. Once you get out of the wall, there are no barricades to protect you.

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  • StabberGirl LV.19 Champion Jun 6, 2020, 02:31 AM

    I like this map !