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May 20, 2020, 09:04 PM 92 read

Crucible (amazon game)

  We’re a DIscord Gaming Community, that hopes to let people from all over the world talk, have fun, and game!   We play many different games, like Paladins, Valorant, Magic the Gathering, Overwatch , Smite and many smaller games that we change from time to time as they change in popularity.   We usually have 15-30 people active at any time, either chatting in text channels, talking in voice channels, or gaming, and usually 30+ for our larger events. In terms of events, we’ve had: Multiple community meetups for Overwatch, Paladins, and others, where we meet up to play some chill gamemodes or quickplay. Multiple competitions (often with prizes!) in more competitive gamemodes Karaoke nights (my personal favorite :D) Anime and Movie nights Art and writing competitions And many more to come! You can even submit to make your own events!   -----------------------------No long recruitment process!-----------------------------   No need to worry about recruitment! You can join our server, check out the rules, and join hassle-free!   The rules are: Speak English (Not necessarily natively, we also have people who are still learning English!) Have Discord     We also have events and tournaments for different groups of members, such as special giveaways for some of our more active members!   =============================NEWS=============================   Multiple events coming in the next few weeks, join to be informed!

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