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Harvest Festival Notice

[EVENT - Best Strategy for Victory!]
VERSUS : Season 2 with AI: [EVENT - Best Strategy for Victory!] - Harvest Festival Notice image 1

The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   The summer season of August has passed and now is the season of harvest. The sky of autumn this September has opened up. To welcome the season of autumn, we invite you to the Harvest Festival prepared by Versus: Season 2 With AI. Hope to kick off a great autumn season with the Harvest Festival!   [Harvest Festival Notice]   ▶ Festival Time - September 9(Fri) ~ September 12(Mon), 2022 for 4days   ▶ Push event - During the event period, rewards will be sent through In-Game messages along with push notifications.   - September 09th 19:00(GMT+9) Food 2M - September 10th 19:00(GMT+9) Wood 2M - September 11th 19:00(GMT+9) Stone 1M - September 12th 19:00(GMT+9) Iron 1M   ※ Please note - Push rewards can only be received if you log in within 24 Hours. - If push is OFF, you may have difficulty in receiving rewards.   ▶ Chat event - During the event period, if you input a All chat, you will receive a rewards through an in-game message.   chat message - Happy Chuseok : rewards : 1,000 Free Gems - Happy Hangawi : rewards : Speed up(24H)   ※ Please Note - The chat input is September 09 AM 09:00(GMT+9) ~ September 12 AM 09:00(GMT+9) - Reward is once per chat message   We hope that the abundance of autumn will always be with the Lords!   Thank you.  

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