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Lord Recruitment Event (2020.05.06 6:52 Fix)

Community Event(End)
VERSUS : REALM WAR: Community Event(End) - Lord Recruitment Event (2020.05.06 6:52 Fix) image 1

Greetings, dear Honorable Lords. This is VERSUS:REALM WAR.   Anyone can challenge the authority of the emperor alone. Recruit strong lords over the world to make an alliance! It could be the fastest way to be the strongest.   [Lord Recruitment Event] 1. Period : After the event is posted on May 4th ~ May 10th   [How to participate] First, advertise your alliance in Alliance Discussions Second, gather 30 alliance members and capture Alliance screenshot to show the number of alliance members. (Changed, previously 40 Alliance members.) Third, upload the screenshot with Game Nickname and PID as a comment in this event board.   [How to increase the maximum number of alliance members] First, click Alliance Icon on the lower-right screen Second, conduct the research on Alliance Member at Science Technology   [Reward] ※ We will randomly choose 10 Alliances to offer 15,000 Alliance Points   [Note] ※ During the event period, please do not advertise your alliance countlessly. Each Alliance can promote itself 3 times per a day. ※ If any alliances were promoted over the limited number, the post can be deleted without notice. ※ If alliances use any inappropriate names and promote themselves, they cannot attend the event and all the promotion posts will be deleted.   Thank you.

VERSUS : REALM WAR: Community Event(End) - Lord Recruitment Event (2020.05.06 6:52 Fix) image 3

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  • Jo Becker#28 LV.3 Lurker May 5, 2020, 10:33 AM

    srly how can svr1 participate if it's full