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[July, 10th] Pick-Up Summon Up Event

In-Game Event

Greetings, dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS : REALM WAR.   We add 10 new commanders including SUMMER Special Commanders to excite you more!   [New Commanders Acquisition Rate Up Event] 1. Period : July, 10th 00:00 (UTC+0) ~ July, 24th 00:00   ※ During the event period, you will have more chance to win the commanders below.

VERSUS : REALM WAR: In-Game Event - [July, 10th] Pick-Up Summon Up Event image 2

  [Note] ※ Click Information Icon(!) to check the specific information about its rate. ※ New Commanders will be available only during the event period. But they will come again later through the future event. ※ When the New Commander Summon Rate Up Event renews, Summoning Point will be changed into Silver Coin. - You can use Silver Coin at 'Port Trading' in Port. - Summoning Point and Silver Coin will be changed as 1:10 portion.   Thank you.    

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