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Peasant’s Rebellion Event Notice

In-Game Event
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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, SLG! Greetings to dear Honorable Lords, VERSUS : REALM WAR.   < The Azure Sky is already dead; the Yellow Sky will soon rise. There will be prosperity under Heaven next year! > (蒼天已死,黃天當立。歲在甲子,天下大吉。)   In chaos, hungry peasants became monsters. Suppress Peasant’s Rebellion and bring back the peace to the word!   < Peasant’s Rebellion Event > ◆Event Period : June 1st(Mon) ~ June 7th(Sun), 2020   ◆Event Participation Requirements 1. Lords who complete Tutorial, Lords who join Alliance 2. An alliance should have over 20 Alliance Flags 3. All alliance members should not attack others at the beginning of the event. (Only if they are normal status, they can attend the event.)   ◆How to participate 1. Touch Event Icon on the lower-right screen during the event period. 2. Touch the banner< Peasant’s Rebellion> on the event list. 3. Lords who should be over Elder can enter button to attend Peasant’s Rebellion battles. ※ The button is not available to Lords who are Officer or Member in their alliances. ※ Once Peasant’s Rebellion battles start, Peace Shield will be applied to all alliance members. 4. Suppress peasants attacking Alliance Flags and earn points! ※ Obtained Point by suppressing Peasant Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level1) - You can obtain 1 point Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level2) - You can obtain 2 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level3) - You can obtain 3 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level4) - You can obtain 4 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level5) - You can obtain 5 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level6) - You can obtain 6 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level7) - You can obtain 7 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level8) - You can obtain 8 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level9) - You can obtain 9 points Per 1 Peasant Soldier(Level10) - You can obtain 10 points - The points you can obtain will be change based on the level and number of the Peasant Soldier.   5. Peasant’s Rebellion Battle will finish at the conditions like the below. ※ 1 Alliance Flag is destroyed from Peasant Soldiers. ※ As all alliance flags have peasant soldiers already, another soldiers cannot attack any vacant flags. (There are no free flags to attack for peasant soldiers) 6. During the event period, click in-game [Event] > [Peasant’s Rebellion] Banner to check Lord/Alliance Rankings and Obtained Points.   ◆Reward ※All rewards will be offered in the Message after the event ends.   1. Resources (Food / Wood / Stone / Iron) will be provided up to the obtained points. Example) If you obtain 200 points – you can claim each 200 of Food / Wood / Stone / Iron   2. Ranking Rewards will be divided into Individual Ranking and Alliance Ranking from Points counted after the event ends. 1) Individual Ranking Rewards

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  2) Alliance Ranking Rewards (Only participant alliance members can claim the rewards.)

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  ◆Note 1. During the event period, each alliance can attend < Peasant’s Rebellion > only once. 2. All Alliance Flags’ duration will be recovered right after Peasant’s Rebellion battle ends. 3. Rankings will be set each 10 minutes. 4. Although you are playing battles at Peasant’s Rebellion, the event will finish automatically at the event end time. So please attend the event early! 5. You might have a lower rate to get your soldiers wounded at battles against peasant troops. (If the number of wounded soldiers is over the maximum wounded soldier capacity, the exceed wounded soldiers will turn into dead soldiers.)   We hope the notice could help you play the game. We will do our best to provide lords with honor and glory.   Thank you.   >> Please send any inquiry regarding Peasant’s Rebellion to Customer Center  

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