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Public Security Management Event

In-Game Event
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Greetings, dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS : REALM WAR.   Scouting soldiers report are coming. The are much stronger and bigger than other monsters.   Hunt to obtain various rewards!     ◆Event Period: - May 25th, 2020(Thu) 00:00 ~ May 31st, 2020(Sun) 23:59   ◆How to participate: First, Form and send corps to find Event Monsters in Field Second, Challenge Ranking to damage monsters as much as possible!   ◆Event Reward: ※ Participation Reward (per 1 attack) : Lord EXP (1000) x3, EXP Potion(M) x2 ※ Ranking Reward   Ranking no.1 - EXP Potion(XL) x300 / 3,000 free gems Ranking no.2 - EXP Potion(XL) x210 / 2,000 free gems Ranking no.3 - EXP Potion(XL) x180 / 1,500 free gems Ranking no.4 - EXP Potion(XL) x150 / 1,250 free gems Ranking no.5 - EXP Potion(XL) x135 / 1,000 free gems Ranking no.6 - EXP Potion(XL) x120 / 900 free gems Ranking no.7 - EXP Potion(XL) x105 / 800 free gems Ranking no.8- EXP Potion(XL) x90 / 700 free gems Ranking no.9 - EXP Potion(XL) x75 / 600 free gems Ranking no.10 - EXP Potion(XL) 600 / 500 free gems Ranking no.11 ~ 50 - EXP Potion(XL) x30 / 300 free gems Ranking no.51 ~ - EXP Potion(XL) x15 / 100 free gems *Ranking Reward will be offered after the event finished on May 31st 23:59 (UTC+0).   ◆Note: - 20 Deserters will appear in the Field per day and every at 00:00 (Server Time UTC+0) 20 Deserters will be respawned. - Regardless of your castle location, it will consume only 2 mins marching time when you attack the Deserters. - The Deserters will randomly move in the field when they get numerous attacks. - If the Deserters becomes 0 HP, the corps will recall to the Castle. - The Deserters cannot wound any soldiers and per attack, 10HP will be consumed. - If the Deserters become 0 HP, the battle will finish and all the damage during the battle will be recorded to count Ranking. - The Deserters HP information will not provide, but you can check your attack damage in the Message. - If your HP becomes 0, you cannot attack the Deserters. - The event reward will be sent into Message. - Please visit 1:1 Customer Service, if you have a question regarding the event.   Thank you.

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