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Matching Hero Event

In-Game Event
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Be the Conqueror! The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, VERSUS : REALM WAR   Greetings, dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS : REALM WAR.   A trade ship arrives at the port. There are lots of treasure in the trade ship! Play a simple game to have fun and treasure.   Our 1st mini-game is [Matching Hero].   <Matching Hero Event > ◆How to participate: First, click Port in your castle Second, click [Mini Game] in Port Third, click [Matching Hero] in Mini-Game Fourth, Match Commanders within the limited time to get the event reward!   ◆Event Reward: - EXP Potion(S) will be offered up to the number of matching commanders - If you match all commanders, 15 EXP Potion(s) will be offered.   ◆Note: - Lords who complete the tutorial can attend the event. - During the event period, lords can attend the min game 3 times at free. If you want more, you should cost 100 Silver Coins. - 3 Free Play Time will be reset daily(Server Time 00:00 UTC+0). - All mini-game reward will be sent to Bag instantly - Once you enter the Matching Hero event, it will proceed with 3 phases.   Thank you.

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