▣ Chatting

① Click Chatting Icon to bring Chatting page.
② Type words and then press Completion to send them.
※ All : All lords in Kingdom(Server) can participate in chatting.
※ Alliance : Only same allies can attend the same alliance chatting.
※ Group Chat : You can invite some of the same alliance members and then make a group to chat.
※ 1:1 chat : You can invite a certain user to chat directly.
③ Touch inappropriate conversation to report directly.
※ There are insult, slander, racism, sexually derogatory remarks and repellent remarks as a report reason.
※ Important Note
- Inappropriate chatting or conversations can lead any restriction or disadvantages. Please chat respectfully.
※Screenshots attached might not be the latest version due to the game update.

▣ Chatting +1
▣ Chatting
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