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▣ Raid Competition

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- The Raid event opens at 00:00 (GMT+0) every Monday to Wednesday. - The scoreboard appears above the screen when the event starts. - European players can only attack Ungnyeo, and Asian players can only attack Demeter. - You can search the Raid monster by the [Search Monster] button on the lower right of the event page. - You can only participate in the Raid once a day. > Can attack once at 00:00, Monday to 00:00, Tuesday. > Can attack once at 00:00, Tuesday to 00:00, Wednesday. - The estimated time to the Raid Monster is 5 minutes regardless of the distance.   - You can receive a participation reward and Raid Points by participating in an attack on the Raid monster. - You can receive a Personal Ranking Reward according to the accumulated Raid Points. > You receive a Raid Point for each 10 damage inflicted. > If there is a tie, the first player who made the record receives the higher rank. - The participation reward is sent via message. - The ranking reward is sent via message every 00:00 (GMT+0) Wednesday.  

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- A special effect is applied to each civilization according to the result. - The [Blessing of the Goddess] effect is applied to the victorious civilization. > Blessing of the Goddess: 10% additional marching speed, 10% additional hero gained EXP from EXP potions > Blessing of the Goddess buff is applied for 24 hours starting from 00:00 (GMT+0), Wednesday - Defeat effect is applied to civilization when a consecutive defeat is recorded. > Defeat effect: The number of gained Raid Points increases according to the number of consecutive defeats. - Applied effects can be applied simultaneously with other effects. - You can check the Raid effects through Castle > Lord Info at the field.   ※ The images of this guide may not be those of the latest version due to updated progress.

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