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- Hero Stats ※ Strength: Melee Attack / Melee Defence ※ Leadership: Melee Defence / Ranged Defence ※ Intellect: Ranged Attack / Ranged Defence ※ Move: Affects the marching speed of a troop. ※ Load: Affects the maximum capacity of resources that a troop can carry.   - Lock Hero > Bound Lock (indicated with chain at the upper left side): Heroes that you have achieved through certain content are bound to your account automatically and cannot be unlocked. ※ You cannot sell a bound hero.   > System Lock (indicated as a black lock): The heroes you acquired after reaching the maximum hero capacity are automatically locked by the system and cannot be disabled manually. ※ You cannot use the heroes locked by the system. ※ If you use the inventory expansion item, the system lock is disabled as much as the expanded inventory slots.   ※ Please note - You can manage the project of your castle more effectively by stationing heroes in buildings. - You can possess the same hero multiple times.   ※ The images of this guide may not be those of the latest version due to updated progress.

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