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Game Guide

1. Conquer AI

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- To conquer the AI Castle, its durability should reach 0. - The durability gradually decreases for a certain time after a successful attack. - When the durability of AI Castle reaches 0, you can conquer it. - After the conquer is complete, a part of AI Castle's durability recovers and gradually recovers its durability until it reaches the maximum. - After the AI Castle is conquered, the soldier that AI possessed will be deleted. - The conquerer's Lord Name and Alliance Initials are written along with the conquered AI Lord Name.   2. AI Center

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- AI Center is a building that manages and enhances the capabilities of AI you possess. - Functions, such as the number of maximum AI you can possess and the maximum level of your AI, are enhanced according to the level of the AI Center. - You need [Crystal of Unity] to upgrade the AI Center. - You can purchase [Crystal of Unity] at the Gem Shop.   3. AI Capability Research

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- You can enhance AI capabilities by using AI Enhancement Points or paid gems when the condition is met. ※ Your AI Enhancement Points increase as your AI proceeds activities. - The chance of successful AI Capability Research depends on the current level of AI Capability. - There are 1 to 12 levels of AI Capability. The Capability you can use gets better as the level goes up.   4. Manage AI

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- You can check brief information about the AI you possess. - You can collect up to 100% of the soldiers or resources that your AI has recruited or gathered. - The AI function currently activating is indicated in colors, and if not, it is indicated in grey. > When not in activation: WAIT (Grey) > When inactive due to resource shortage: NEED (Red) > When reached current maximum level: MAX (Green) > When inactive due to insufficient Castle level: LIMIT (Yellow)   ※ The images of this guide may not be those of the latest version due to updated progress.

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