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▣ Emperor Castle

Game Guide
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① During Emperor War Preparation Time, the upper screen will show Emperor Castle Coordinates and Remaining Time for beginning of Emperor War. ※ Touch Coordinates to move Emperor Castle.  

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② Touch Emperor Castle to check Previous Emperors / Siege Info / Title. ※ Previous Emperors : You can check all the emperors until now on and their information as the list. ※ Siege Info : You can check Emperor War information. ※ Title : You can check current Emperor and title information. If there is no emperor, it will be marked as Vacant. ③ Touch Emperor's Alliance Flag to check Alliance Ranking / Emperor's Alliance info / Emperor's Gift. ※ Alliance Ranking : You can check Alliance Combat Power Ranking. ※ Alliance Info : You can check Alliance information. But the message will appear if there is no emperor. ※ Emperor's Gift : Touch to obtain a gift once a day. (Lord EXP 1000x2, Research Speed Up(5M)x3)   ※ Note - Before Emperor War begins, you can rally troops to Emperor Castle and Emperor Tower.  

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④ Once Emperor War begins, Ranking will be showed on the upper screen. ※ Ranking will be counted up to the Point obtained by occupying Emperor Castle and Emperor Tower. ※ After Emperor War begins, you cannot leave Alliance until Emperor War ends. ⑤ After Emperor War ends, Rewards will be sent to Message for final Ranking No. 1~3 Alliances. ※ Although you occupy Emperor Castle at the event end time, the ranking can be changed upto the points.   ※ Ranking Rewards

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※ Note - Only Emperor War participant lords can claim Ranking Rewards. - If Alliance Leader does not attend Emperor War and the alliance becomes Point Ranking no.1, Alliance Leader will become Emperor but the alliance leader cannot claim rewards. - Although Emperor does not attend Emperor War, Emperor cannot be changed until the next Emperor War without any exceptions.   ※Screenshots attached might not be the latest version due to the game update.  

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