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▣ Alliance Management

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① Alliance Invitation : Leader and Sub-leader can invite other lords. ※ You can research lord names or other conditions(Lord level, Castle Level, Battle Power) to invite lords. ② Subscription : You can check lords applying for your alliance. ※ From Associate, they can accept application. ③ Alliance Storehouse : Tax collected from allies is stored in Alliance Storehouse. ※ If other alliance's members want to collect any resources, they should pay tax. ※ Leader can distribute tax. ④ Alliance Relationship : You can check alliance relationships and bookmarks. ※ Relationship can be differentiate Ally, Friendly and Hostile. Alliance can set only with mutual consensus between alliances. ⑤ Alliance Search : You can search other alliances. ※ You can set relationship with other alliances as Ally, Friendly and Hostile. ※ You can set conditions(member number, territory size, battle power) to search alliances. ⑥ Leaving the Alliance : You can withdraw the current alliance. ※ Alliance Leader should give Leader status to other lords in order to leave the alliance.   ※ Note - If an alliance has only one member as leader and the leader leaves the alliance, the alliance will be deleted.   ※Screenshots attached might not be the latest version due to the game update.

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