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▣ Set Corps

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If you have commanders and soldiers, you should set corps before a battle. Efficient allocation of commanders and soldiers will lead a victory at the battle.   ① If you touch Strategy Dept., the icon to organize corp will pop up. ※ If you touch the icon, you can get the page to organize corp formation. ② You can allocate each 8 units of commanders and troops at corp formation. ※ Soldiers with commanders are much stronger, which shall be effective at battles. ※ Commanders can be allocated only the place where already soldiers are placed. ※ You can allocate soldiers without commanders. ※ Corps consist of certain zones. Each zone has its own name and different skill ranges of commanders. - Left zone: 2*2 4 spaces at left side of the corps. - Right zone: 2*2 4 spaces at right side of the corps. - Central/Command Zone : 2*2 4 spaces at central area of the corps. - Front Line: 6 front spaces of the corps. - Rear Rank/Back Low: 6 rear spaces of the corps. ③ Corp Formation Function ※ Auto For Collection: Commanders and soldiers are automatically allocated for collection. ※ Auto Battle Formation: Commanders and soldiers are automatically allocated for battles. ※ Reset: Reset corp formation. ※ Maximum: Allocate commanders and soldiers as much as possible. ※ Save: Press Save button to register the corp formation. ※ Important Note - You should press Save Formation Button to save and apply corp formation after you arrange commanders and soldiers.   ※Screenshots attached might not be the latest version due to the game update.  

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