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▣ Welcome to VERSUS : REALM WAR!

Game Guide
VERSUS : Season 2 with AI: Game Guide - ▣ Welcome to VERSUS : REALM WAR! image 11

Welcome to The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, VERSUS: REALM WAR! Develop your civilization and be the Conqueror against other forces.   ① Civilization is a territory where you should choose at the beginning of the game. ※ Each civilization has different building locations and characters but abilities are same there, which does not affect the game. ※ Currently, there are Asian Civilization and European Civilization. But other Civilizations will be added at future updates.   ※ Important Note - Once you choose a civilization, you cannot change or reset any civilizations. Please choose the civilization carefully.   ※Screenshots attached might not be the latest version due to the game update.  

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