gamer466243192 LV.6 Nomad
Jun 28, 2020, 11:54 AM 46 read



*Graphic optimization ( we need smoothness while having a castle siege and swiping across the map) *Make an easy access feature for training troops and researching *Make Solo battle story for players ( This would increase the staying time of the players, they will grind much more since there is a reward each level *Add sub-category ”FAVORITE" in the message *Add new ranking, Attack Victory, Defense victory, and Highest Number of killed monsters *Put up cities to be attacked by players to obtain bonus resources production (Only for players with an alliance) *As of now, expanding alliance territory doesnt have any meaning. PLS UP A GOAL *THERE IS A BUG IN SWITCHING ACC sometimes it happens *Add more mini games *Add new in game currency "Gold Coin" for the trading of items and resources. PLAYERS TO PLAYERS TRADING SYSTEM *ADD ATTACK AND DEFENSE TACTICS such as Focus on attacking/defending left, Focus on attacking/defending right, focus on attacking/defending frontrow, focus on attacking/defending center, and focus on attacking/defending the rear

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