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Jun 26, 2020, 12:56 AM 51 read



*Any type of empire can join in one alliance, meaning western and eastern can join in one alliance (seperation of western and eastern only makes conflict) Every server it is becoming survival of the fittest. For example, if the eastern empire is dominating in one server other players might change to eastern empire or leave the game. WELL IT DEPENDS ON THE DEVELOPER, ITS EITHER HE OR SHE WANTS MORE PLAYER TO PLAY AND ENJOY THE GAME OR MORE PLAYER TO LEAVE BECAUSE OF BEING BULLIED BY THE DOMINATING EMPIRE TYPE. Im pretty sure all server experience this and it will continue in the future. BEING OUT-NUMBERED WILL FORCE THE PLAYERS TO CREATE NEW ACC OR LEAVE THE GAME, THIS CAN ALSO RESULT TO DYING OF SERVER. P.s. I've been playin this game for almost 2 months and to be honest there isnt a big update that encouraged or gave excitement to players to stay. I kept on playing cuz Im hoping this can become a great game, that I can share with my friends for now it isnt worth it. Keep it up Dev Team 👏

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  • VERSUS:REALMWAR LV.20 GameManager Jun 30, 2020, 01:37 PM

    Dear. lord.
    Thank you for your feedback. It's really great opinion for us. we are trying to make better but it needs time so you can feel there is no update. I want to say to you so sorry and I want to promise you that we will show huge update for you soon although we are fixing our game (to be better), also.

    We are going to think about your mention always.