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*Reward system for the donation ranking and power ranking within alliance every week *Daily gifts and mission within the alliance *SENDING GIFTS TO OTHER PLAYERS SUCH AS SPEED UPS ITEM, IN GAME PRODUCTS (both in game gems and paid gems) *We need an alliance mail to notify everyone ( p.s. the new update "Alliance notice" is not that useful) *Add friend feature *Add sharing of coordination at the chat system (typing the coordination is too lazy to do) *Adding of photos at any chat *Add marking system for the alliance (mainly use for marking someone to attack, marking a castle, flag, and an infastracture to defend, marking a open space for placing a flag or infastracture) *PLS ADD A UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC AND BACKGROUND FOR EVERY EMPIRE THAT THE PLAYERS WILL USE ( Example western empire advances in cavalry atk 10%, Eastern empire advances in archery def 15%) "Im curious and excited as well about the northern empire and southern empire" *Put up TRADING SYSTEM (can be items or resources) "THIS IS APPLICABLE TO ANY PLAYERS, ANY CASTLE, ANY ALLIANCES" *ONCE AGAIN PLS CHANGE THE RALLY SYSTEM BECAUSE IT SUCKS SO BAD THAT ONLY FEW PLAYERS USE IT *PUT UP CASTLE SKINS ^_^ *Petition to have resource production boost item (ALL IN 1) of course it would cost much higher but not that much if possible :) * PUT UP KINGDOM CHANGE FOR NEW PLAYERS ( they can change kingdom/server at maximum lvl of castle 8 or 9)

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  • VERSUS:REALMWAR LV.20 GameManager Jun 24, 2020, 11:28 AM

    Hello, Dear load.

    I really appreciate your opinions. i already have sent your opinions to our developers. They will check it.

    and I can tell you one thing regarding "Add sharing of coordination at the chat system (typing the coordination is too lazy to do)".

    we will make a better function but we have copy coordination function now.

    you can copy it follow this.
    1. go to field and touch coordination below your interface for 2~3 seconds.
    2. then you can check notice that you copied it.

    thanks !!