▣ Alliance Banquet

- Alliance Banquet can be opened by the Alliance Leader or an Assistant Leader once a day.
- There are 3 types of Banquet which have different costs and rewards.
- An alarm is sent through Alliance Chatting Room and a push message when a Banquet is opened.
- Only lords who attend the Banquet within the time limit can receive the reward.
- The attendance reward is sent via message.
※ The images of this guide may not be those of the latest version due to updated progress.

▣ Alliance Banquet
▣ Alliance Banquet
LV.22 GameManager 1year

Strategy tips for troops formation

Nickname: No_Mercy
PID: 98991884
Server 3

Always use the infantry and Calvary on the front line then use ranged troops to hold the back line.

For the melee troops always assign a strength power commander and use intellect commander for ranged troops

Strategy tips for troops formation
Strategy tips for troops formation
No_Mercy™ No_Mercy™
LV.3 Lurker 3years

The art of scientific warfare

The best way to gain control is to ensure no one can break your defenses. That is why I focus on quickly upgrading my city and academy in order to research military buffs. From there it all matter what troops I use to defend myself. The plan is to quickly develop t4 and become a rank in the game. You can’t lose if your enemy can’t win. The academy is a vital part in the plan so make sure to focus on military research for a quick buff against opponents. Let them smash their troops against you and counterattack when they are vulnerable.

PID: 83456037
Nickname: Blaz3r
Server: #7

The art of scientific warfare
Gmoney blake Gmoney blake
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Versus Realm: Yi Sun-sin Combination recipe

One of key of success here in game is building a good commander combination buffs. Always take time to read their specialist/skill and combo. If their specialist is related to meelee use that commander in front row with infantry/calvary. If their Specialist is related to range use that commander in front row with archery/magician.

This is my sample photo of my main Army. As you can see I got 6 buffs in a single army, isn't good right?

Core Commander list combo:
5* Yi Sun-sin
4* Seo Hui
4* Nongae
3* HwAng Jini
3* Gang-Gum Chan

If you want to copy my Commander list, be sure you already have that 5 core commander.

Name: HoTnooB
PID: 92471758
Server: 6

Versus Realm: Yi Sun-sin Combination recipe +1
Versus Realm: Yi Sun-sin Combination recipe
HoTnooB HoTnooB
LV.2 GG 3years

Tip: Recruit, recruit, recruit

Always recruit troops, always. Recruiting troops increases your combat power which puts you higher on the overall rankings.
Nickname: Black Panther
PID: 55536806
Kingdom: 6

Tip: Recruit, recruit, recruit
Tip: Recruit, recruit, recruit
Black Panther Black Panther
LV.3 Lurker 3years

Training Tip

Assign Commander on your training ground to increase training troop capacity
the added capacity on the "strength" of the commander
To further increase your training troop capacity in the training ground build barracks and assign officers on each one of them
increased training capacity which means a longer time to train them

Server 1



Training Tip +4
Training Tip
Jo Becker#28 Jo Becker#28
LV.3 Lurker 3years

Tips and strategy

Separate your troops in two groups #1infintry/cavalry at the front row. #2Wizard/Archer at the back row. my favorite Infintry/Archer. Or Infintry/wizard if I attck Castle.
Hero assignment is very important. Heroes with high intelligent should be assigned with Wizard/Archer. Strength & leadership heroes are good with Infintry and cavalry respectively.

Name: Blood Snow
Pid: 64580182
Server: 1

Tips and strategy
LordSnow LordSnow
LV.3 I’m the champion! 3years