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About Current Situation and Future Plan#2

Dev Notice

Greetings to dear Honorable Lords, this is Developer Team from The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, VERSUS : REALM WAR.   First of all, we appreciate our lords who have been waiting for us since the developer’s second note. We are doing our best to solve accurately as much as possible because our lots of lords are waiting for us with their big support and trust.   We apologize to make lords wait more than expected. Now we would like to explain any confirmed issues, improvements and updated contents and events in May and Junc.   We plan to apply the solutions and improvements into Commander Balance issues, other bugs and problems from May 21st(Thu) one by one in a timely order and we will also offer compensation for fixation as our promise. We keep testing Commander Combos and lots of various situations as much as possible, which takes so much time and we still have to ask your understanding. We regretfully admit it seems impossible to solve all the issues and service stability at once. However, we promise to handle from the serious problems to small issues steadily. * You can see all major issues, bugs and improvements confirmed until now at this developer’s note below.   We prepare an event to enjoy both individually or together with your alliance members while we focus on service stability for remaining days in May. There are “Almighty Heroes” to become the best hero by completing various missions such as gathering resources, soldier recruitment, hunting monsters, and battles, “Peasant’s Rebellion” to depress angry rebelli farmers with alliance members, and “Emperor’s War황제전” to be a true master at each server.   ▶ May 18th(Mon)~May 24th(Sun) Almighty Heroes! - It is an event to earn points at various missions such as gathering resources, soldier recruitment, hunting monsters, and battles You can compete other lords and obtain a variety of rewards at ranking on accumulated points.

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▲ Almighty Heroes   ▶ May 25th(Sun)~May 31st(Sun) Peasant’s Rebellion - It is an alliance event that you should defend with your alliance members against peasants who attack your alliance flag during the event period. There will be individual and alliance rewards at points by defending against farmers.

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▲ Peasant’s Rebellion   ▶ May 31st(Sun) World Battle - It is an alliance competition content that alliances should occupy the Emperor's Castle and the alliance leader will become the emperor within the event period. The emperor can ‘Award Titles’ getting special buffs to other lords. Also, the emperor can manage various conditions at the server while the emperor will be marked at the server list. * The content could change and we will inform the details though another notice before the event begins.   - We produce World Battle after considering comprehensive elements including Server Open Time, lords’ growth speed and so on. In case of Server 1, it has been since the first launching in certain countries and its global users have enough time to grow. So we decide to hold the pre-season of World Battle at Server 1. After we confirm all the process and results from the preseason of World Battle, we will improve the content and then hold World Battle at every server for all lords.     ▶ May 18th(Mon)~May 31st(Sun) May, Civilization’s Gift 2 - During the event period, we provide various rewards to help upgrade commanders and castle once a day.   We will inform each event details through another notice. Moreover, we will provide 1 Peace Shield(1D) as Push Reward from May 18th to the day when we completely solve Commander Balance Issue, the important major issue for the service stability. During the service stabilization period, we will provide the reward to avoid any unfavorable battles. Please enjoy the events safely and wait for us longer to complete the service stabilization.     [Major Problems, Bugs and Improvements confirmed until now on]   We would like to inform all the facts clearly to keep our promise offering better game service to our precious lords. We will accept all your critics and opinions to avoid any same or repeated problems again.   1. Commander Balance Issue Confirmation and Process We confirm Commander Balance Issue like the below by checking comprehensive data examination and reports from our lords. Once again, we apologize for the weakness on our main element, Commander contents.   ▶ Major Problems - In Commander Specialty, lower grade specialties do not work after breaking limitation. - Some effects on Combo Skill do not work. - Skill to increase Soul energy does not work. - Some special effects on Commander Skill or repeated skills do not work.   We have received reports about Commander Skills, Specialties and effects from 1:1 Inquiry and Community and confirmed bugs and some were different to our intention. We confirmed some commanders had more specialties and skills than intended or their effects occurred distortedly. We are now checking all Commanders, various Commander Combos and battle simulations and then improving or solving any problems there. Although we keep proceeding the investigation, we will hold the maintenance on May 21st to apply the 1st fixation and then conduct continuously regular maintenances to fix bugs and improvements for service stability as we mentioned before.     2. Other Major Bugs and Improvements In addition to Commander Balance Issue, we are handling other bugs and improvements reported from 1:1 Inquiry and Community.   ▶ Major Bugs - In battles, critical activation and avoidance were not shown. During the battles, critical activation and avoidance will not shown and lead misunderstanding on damage although they worked successfully. We will fix them on the maintenance.   - In Matching Hero, some cards did not open. We made Mini Game to offer items for upgrading commanders and lord level in a fun way. However, there was inconvenience unlike our intention, which we beg your forgiveness. We fix the bug and plan to conduct its comprehensive improvements by rebalancing the content and adding ranking system.   In addition, lords reported wrong combat power display issue, Troop comeback inactivation display issue and wrong game script error and so on, which we will handle steadily.     ▶ Improvements 1) Competed - Improve resource supply and calculation function when any resources are not enough to upgrade buildings. - Add more Korean Commanders (Continuous) - Strict down the Chatting filter   2) In Progress - You can fire soldiers at not only Recruiting Ground but also Army Status (Next Update) - Free/Paid Gems will be shown in Package (Next Update) - During the research conduction, checking ‘Research Technology Status’ (Research map) is available - World Map Coordinates can be shared in Chatting   3) Discussion (Consider Balance and Development) - Alliance leader can post alliance notice (alarm to all alliance members) - In Strategy Department, Defensive Troop can be formatted for Castle Gate. - Add Confirmation Pop-up Notification to avoid any mistake(Use Gems or other items) - In Main Castle, any rallying troops can be checked. - Display both Server Time and Local Time - If lord breaks Peace Shield to attack another lord(PVP), the lord should have cool-down time to apply Peace Shield into the castle again. - More words cannot be written in Chatting (Currently 50 words)   Please note that we inform the contents in advance, which we can handle faster among various requests and suggestions. We will work harder to consider applying other advice and opinions in long-term.   We plan to update contents such as No Rival Story(fictitious name/temporary Name) and Raid, and big promotion to offer more exciting game service after the service stabilization.   We appreciate your time and attention for this long writing and we will inform details about the 1st fixation and improvement through another notice.   Thank you.

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