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About Current Situation and Future Plan

Dev Notice

Greetings to dear Honorable Lords. This is developer team from VERSUS : REALM WAR.   We apologize for the commander issues and other bugs. We regretfully show our weakness recently although we promised to offer much joyful and interesting contents and stable environment by Developer’s Note.   We have got sincere opinions from our lords who enjoy and love VERSUS : REALM WAR, which makes us decide to focus on their opinions and service stability. Through this note, we will explain what we, the developer team, are working on the current situation for our lords who feel unpleasant and uncomfortable.   First of all, we are investigating all the commander data and balance related issues about which most lords are worried. Besides this, we are checking specifically to find any other issues or problems in addition to contents reported in our official community.   We believe accurate confirmation is much more important although the process should take more time, and speedy solution and notice are required. Because we would like to avoid any further inconvenience, we ask your generous understanding and awaiting time. We plan to solve the issues and improve the game next week if possible. After all the fixation, we will offer a specific explanation and compensation for your time and effort.   Now, VERSUS : REALM WAR developer team thinks service stability is still more critical than any other updates and we also examine other bugs and game weakness to need improvement with commander data and balance issues. Each lord who is playing our VERSUS : REALM WAR is so precious for us as they realize our goal and dream. We do our best to keep communication with our lords and provide aimed joy and excitement.   Lastly, we give the coupon with all our hearts.   * Coupon Code: Thanks ➤ Please check the details about the coupon by the link below. ➤ Coupon Help Link:   Thank you.

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  • Kenshin LV.3 Lurker May 10, 2020, 12:30 AM

    Hi thanks for the code, great idea. One question, will there be new server opening again anytime soon?