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May 21st Update Notice

Update Notice
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Be the Conqueror! The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, VERSUS : REALM WAR   Greetings, dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS : REALM WAR. Before we inform the update on May 21st (Thu), we would like to apologize that we could not offer good service to meet all our lords due to the various issues.   We keep accepting your advice and opinions to make VERSUS : REALM WAR better with our precious lords.   We prepare some gifts for our thankful lords who have experienced inconvenience because of the comprehensive balance modification and various issues as apology.   We send 50,000 Free Gems to lords (over Castle Level.11) and 20,000 Free Gems to lords (below Castle Level10). Please check your Message to claim the reward. *The reward will be offered to Lords who make the game account before the maintenance on May 21th.   Now, we inform the notice on May 21st (Thu). Please check the details below to enjoy the war!   1. Commander Rebalance and Bug Fixation “We rebalance comprehensively all Commander Specialty, Skill and Combo and fix all the Commander-related bugs so that lords can use commanders more efficiently in battles.”   *To check Commander Rebalance details, visit the link below. [May 21st] Commander Rebalance Details Link :   [Note] - We fix the issue that applied specialty did not work any longer after breaking the limitation. - We fix the issue that some specialty effects did not work. - We fix the issue if a commander used a certain skill, another commander cannot use the same skill in 1 turn. - We fix the issue that certain skills activate only 1 times although they should have 2 turns. - We fix the issue that damage was applied regardless of defense power at radius attack. - We adjust first attack mechanism to make a more stable battle. 2. Battle System Improvement “We believe ‘War’ is one of the main contents in VERSUS : REALM WAR. We improve the battle system to enjoy the battle more.” - We modify Commander Imbalance Issue due to attack priority activation issue. * Lords can attack and defend each other.   [Note] - We improve Damage Font to get attacked. - We fix to show Critical and Evasion Fonts.   3. 6 New Commanders will be added ※ Please check details about 6 new commanders at the link below. ● [May 22th] New Commanders Appear! Link : [Note] ※ These 6 new commanders will release on May 22th(Fri) 00:00(UTC+0). ※ After adding new commanders, the Pick Up Summon Event will be renewed and Pick Up Point will be exchanged into Silver Coin at 1:10 rate.   4. Lord Research Balance Modification “We rebalance Lord Research for upcoming various contents including Lord Level extension.” - We change Research Point obtained at Lord level up. ※Before Change: offer 5 Lord Points at 1 Lord level up ※After Change: offer 2 Lord Points at 1 Lord level up *Due to Lord Research Point Change, all conducted Lord Research was reset and its point will be back at modified rate.   5. World Battle Pre-season ※ World Battle Pre-season will begin soon. We will inform details through another notice.   6. Other Improvements - In Strategy Department, you can fire soldiers. *You can differentiate and fire both soldiers available at battle and wounded soldiers. - In Port, Mini game ‘Matching Hero’ will have only 1turn at 1 attendance. (3 turns → 1turn) *Instead, obtainable reward is improved. * Reward changes from 3 Steps Reward ‘EXP Potion (S) x45’ to 1 Step1(Turn) ‘EXP Potion (M) x15’ - On Ranking Screen, marking color on No 1, 2, 3 is improved. - When you shake a device left-right to gather resources, the animation effect is improved. - In Alliance Research, Donation list is fixed at donation and donated items will not move upward. - At Lack of HP, Purchase HP pop-up screen appears. - If your ranking is over 1000 on Lord Details page, your ranking would be shown as ‘1000+’. - At Troop Rally, the 1st Troop formed will be displayed. - Description on City Buffs will be shown differently. - Remaining Time will display at Buff description. - You can use Speed Up items more conveniently. - If you summon a commander(5★), the winning message will expose at your Kingdom all.   7. Fix Other Bugs - We fix the issue that 10 kinds of soldiers were allocated to rally Ancient Ruins randomly. - We fix the issue that Combat power showed Minus (-) if you attend battles consequently. - We fix the issue that Golden Hammer(7D) was not activated if all hammers owned could not appear at the list due to lack of position on the game screen. - We fix Chatting display error. - We fix the issue that Mini Game ‘Matching Hero’ did not work on sometimes. - We fix the issue to show combat power and killed soldiers in Battle Report. - We fix the issue to show wrong point at Pick-Up Point Exchange. - We fix the issue that if you click Help request at City screen, some were not counted randomly. - In Soldier Description, we fix melee attack shown on Archer and Wizard. - For easy understanding, some in-game terms are changed.   We wish the update guide helpful to play the game. We look forward to your attention and interest to upcoming notice about World Battle. Thank you.

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    my Lord research reset.. I don't remember how I allocated the points