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[Update] 2020.04.17 Update Notice [Added]

Update Notice
VERSUS : REALM WAR: Update Notice - [Update] 2020.04.17 Update Notice [Added] image 6

Be the Conqueror! The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, VERSUS : REALM WAR.   Greetings, dear My Honorable Lord. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   The update will be held on April 17th(Fri). Please check the details below to enjoy the glory in the territory of VERSUS : REALM WAR!   <4/17 Update> 1. Draw Summoning Notice 1) After Pick Up Summon Season ends, Summoning Point will reset and disappear. - If you plan to change its points into a commander, please exchange it before the point expires.   2) Once the point resets, the point will be transformed to Silver Coin. - You can use Silver Coin to purchase items at ‘Port Trading’. - Summoning Point and Silver Coin will be changed as 1:1 portion.   3) The current Pick Up Summon Event extends to April 23rd, 23:59 UTC+0   2. Port (Expedition) Improvement 1) Great Success Reward will be rebalanced up.   3. Balance Improvement 1) If a commander is allocated in Hospital, its effect will increase. *Current : Commander Ability → Changed : Commander Ability x Hospital Building level x 8   2) Monster Spec and Monster Combat Power Change   3) Monster Max Level Change → After the update, level 15 monster will appear as the highest level.   4. Other Improvement 1) Basic Offered Resource Amount Increase After the Game Account Creation. * Current: Food 3,000 / Wood 3,000 / Stone 3,000 / Iron 3,000 → Changed : Food 50,000 / Wood 50,000 / Stone 10,000 / Iron 5,000   5. Leader’s Medal and VIP System Change (Added at 14:46 UTC+0) 1) Different kind of gems will be required to buy Leader’s Medal and upgrade VIP level. *Current : You can get Leader’s Medal and raise VIP level at free or try instantly with Paid Gems. → Changed : You should spend only paid gems purchasing Leader’s Medal and raising VIP Level. - Both Free and Paid Gems you own can be checked in Draw Page.   6. Game Optimization 1) Some Game Terms were changed. - Please report any necessary term changes to the menu “Translation”. We try to continuously monitor and improve any wrong translation words or expressions.   2) Soldier Information Simplification - Soldier information is simplified in order to easily set corp formation.   3) Combo Effect Improvement - We handle the issue that Soul Energy+1 did not occur when matched commanders went to war at the same time. However, please note it might not be shown at the screen although soul energy works on normally at the battle. - We will fix to make soul energy effect show in the screen at the next coming update.   We hope it could be helpful to manage and expand your territory. We look forwards to your active participation.   Thank you.

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    Bad, vip and monster change has made the game lost some of its charm already be more like pay to win of other war games. Hope this don’t continue, otherwise I should just quit now.