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[January 13th] Routine Server Maintenance (Completed)

VERSUS : Season 2 with AI: Announcement - [January 13th] Routine Server Maintenance (Completed) image 1

The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: Season 2 with AI.   There will be routine server maintenance on January 13th (Thu) to make the service environment more stable.   Please check for details below!   [VERSUS: Season 2 with AI Server Maintenance Schedule]   1. Time: 2022-1-13(Thu) 07:30~07:55 (GMT+0) ※ The time for maintenance may change considering ongoing progress.   2. Target - All servers   3. About - Improved shop UI - Added new package products - Monthly payment product change > Existing monthly payment compensation will be paid as before. > If you purchase a new monthly payment while the existing monthly payment is applied, all monthly compensation will be paid. - Added ability to check where to get items > You can check the acquisition destination by touching the [?] button in pop-ups, etc. - Added SKIP function to encounter screens with heroes such as pubs on board - Addition of the ability to use items that are favorable to the bar on board the ship. - Added Hero Batch Synthesis function - Server stabilization   4. Reward: 100 Gems - Maintenance rewards will be given only to the lords who made their account before the maintenance on January 13th (Thu). - Maintenance rewards will be given only to lords who made a connection within seven days after the maintenance.   ※ Please note - Please update the latest version of the game from the market after the maintenance. - The time of the version update application may vary by each market - You cannot play the game during maintenance. - To prevent possible data loss, please exit from the game 5 minutes before the maintenance. - Accounts below Castle Lv. 5 which have not been connected for more than 7 days shall be set as dormant. - If any changes to the schedule are made, we will inform you through this post.   Since this maintenance is to make a comfortable in-game environment, we ask for your understanding and patience. VERSUS: Season 2 with AI will strive to offer you a satisfying service.   Thank you.

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