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Christmas Event Notice

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: Season 2 with AI.   December 2021. We are planning to give a heartful of presents through this Christmas Event!   Please check for details below!   ▣Christmas Event▣ ▶ Time - After the routine maintenance on December 16th until the routine maintenance on January 6th   [Event 1] Christmas Event Mission

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▶ About 1. Location: Tree icon at the upper right side of the Castle screen > Event Mission page 2. You can get various items and [Wish Socks] by accomplishing event daily mission or achievements during the event. 3. You can exchange [Wish Socks] for various items and a Wish Sock Commander who can only be summoned at the exchange house. 4. Daily missions are renewed every 00:00 (GMT+0).   [Event 2] Alliance Tree Improvement Event

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▶ About 1. You can build an Alliance Tree at the alliance territory during the event. - Only alliance elders or above can build the Alliance Tree. - You can check the Alliance Tree at Alliance > Alliance Building > Event Building. - You can build the Alliance Tree only when an Alliance Castle is already built. - Only assistant alliance leaders or above can delete the Alliance Tree, and you can build it again after 300 seconds.   2. Alliance Tree can be improved in various ways in the game. - How to improve the Alliance Tree: Transport resources to the Alliance Tree, send and take gifts between lords, purchase items from the shop, donate to alliance research > Part of the gift recipients points are also applied (50% of the Gift points) - The Alliance Tree can be improved up to level 30. - No tax applied to the resources transported to the Alliance Tree. - All of the alliance members receive an Alliance Tree Level Up Reward when the level of the Alliance Tree increases.   3. You can receive a reward according to the improvement level of the Tree by tapping [Tree's Present] every day. - The quality of the Tree's Present improves with the level of the Tree. - [Tree's Present] is renewed every 00:00 (GMT+0) ※ You cannot attack the Alliance Tree of other alliances   ▶ Rewards - At the end of the event, you can receive individual and alliance ranking rewards according to your level and contribution to the improvement of the alliance tree. - You can check the current ranking information at Event Details.   [Event 3] Search the Fled Elves!

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▶ About 1. Elves appear at a random location throughout the field during the event. 2. You can send a scout to the fled elf. - You can scout an elf only once. - When the scout is finished, you receive [Christmas Presents] as a reward. - Elves not scouted is marked with a special effect. - Scouted elves have no special effects. - Elf scouted 5 times disappears immediately. - Disappeared elf will reappear at a random coordinate after 3 hours. - Scouting an elf takes 4 minutes. ※ You can scout elves 3 days after creating your account and when you have reached castle level 6. ※ All elves will disappear after the event.   ▶ Reward 1. 1~3 [Christmas Presents] for a successful elf scout - The quantity of the reward above is given according to the chance. ※ You can receive rewards from scouting elves only 40 times a day.   [Event 4] Christmas Special Package!

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▶ About 1. You can buy special packages at the Package during the event. - It offers items worth more than 10 times their original price. ※ [Wish Sock] : A collectible item used at the Exchange House.   ※ Please note - You can use [Christmas Presents] after the event. - When you use [Wish Socks] after the event, they will be exchanged to [Speed Up(5M)]. - You cannot use the Exchange House after the event. - The Alliance Tree will be deleted after the event - The time and contents of the event may vary due to the on-going situation.   If you have any questions about the event, please send a mail to the Customer Service Center. Proceed to the Customer Service Center: >   The year 2021 is going to be finally finished. We hope you arrange things left in this year and have a happy holiday with VERSUS: Season 2 with AI.   Thank you.

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