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Shop Reformation Overview

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   We are planning to reform the shop to provide you with better packages.   Please check for details below!   ▣ Shop Reformation Overview ▣   ▶ Time - Proceed simultaneously with the Season 2 update   [Shop] - Only Gem > Charge Gems, Enhancement > VIP Shop, and Mileage Shop remain. - A part of the items at the Mileage Shop is modified.   [Paid & Free Gem UI Modification] - The UI of Paid Gem and Free Gem is changed for clarification.   [Market] - Gem Shop, Monthly Packages, Growth Shop, and Today's Deal have been transferred to the Market. - Every item in the market is only available with [Gems]. - You can receive mileages for every purchase with gems. > 1 mileage per 10 paid gems spent > 1 mileage per 100 free gems spent > You cannot receive mileage if you have purchased items below 10 paid gems or 100 free gems.   [Market - Gem Shop] - Gem Shop consists of Paid Gem Shop and Free Gem Shop. - You can buy items on the list only once per category. - You can reset the list and make additional purchases by tapping the [Reset] button. - 1+1 or sale items may appear at a certain chance when the list is reset.   [Market - Special Supply] - Special Supply consists of Weekly Supply and Monthly Supply. - You can receive a 7-day bonus with a Weekly Supply. - You can receive a 30-day bonus with a Monthly Supply. - Items from the bonus are sent to the message box. - You cannot purchase another supply during a Supply package that is already in effect.   [Market - Growth Supplies] - Growth Supplies consists of Growth Reward and the Tower of Wisdom. - You can receive rewards when you reach certain lord levels with Growth Reward. - You can receive rewards from the Tower of Wisdom according to accumulated daily mission points. - You can unlock advanced rewards and express rewards of the Tower of Wisdom by using gems.   [Market - International Market] - International Market consists of Today's Deal and the Trade Merchant. - You can purchase various packages with gems at Today's Deal. - You can purchase event packages from the Trade Merchant.   Please note the information above to avoid any inconvenience while playing. VERSUS: REALM WAR will endeavor to develop further.   Thank you.

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