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VERSUS: REALM WAR Season 2 Update Overview

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   We would like to introduce briefly various updates going to take place at VERSUS: REALM WAR Season 2.   Please check for details below!   [VERSUS: REALM WAR Season 2 Update Overview]   ▶AI System Reformed 1. Level of every AI castle on the field is modified to 1. 2. The AI castle capturing process is modified. Before) Forced teleport when attacked 12 times After) You can annex the AI castle when its durability reaches 0. After a certain time, you can acquire the castle and manage it by yourself. 3. You can deploy commanders to the AI castle, and according to the capabilities of stationed commanders, your AI castle can perform various activities. 4. AI Center, a building in which you can unlock AI capabilities to manage AI, is updated.   ▶Commander Acquisition Process Reformed 1. The Commander Summon system is replaced with the Onboard Tavern system.   ▶Onboard Tavern Updated 1. Random commanders visit the Onboard Tavern at a certain chance. 2. You can increase the Favor of the commander through [Mini Game], [Dine], and [Gift]. 3. You can hire the commander when the Favor reaches a certain level. The chance of successful hiring increase as much as the Favor. 4. A Strange Coincidence event occurs when you complete the content below and increases the Favor of a commander. - Exhaust a Giant Resource Field - Explore an Ancient Ruin - Investigate an Ancient Ruin (New content) 5. You can acquire a commander multiple times.   ▶Commander Combination System Updated 1. [Commander Combination] is unlocked at Commander Hall when you reach Castle level 7. 2. You can acquire a commander of the same or a higher grade by combining 4 commanders of the same grade. 3. The chances of acquiring a commander of a higher grade increase according to the level and limit break grade of material commanders. 4. Lock function, which prevents unwanted combinations, is updated. 5. You cannot set 5★ commanders as materials.   ▶Headhunting Office Updated 1. [Headhunting Office] is unlocked when you reach Castle level 10. 2. You can trade commanders with mileages. 3. Lock function, which prevents unwanted trades, is updated.   ▶Combat Balance Modified 1. Skills of a part of commanders are modified. 2. Stats and combat balance of commanders and soldiers are modified.   ▶Operation Time Reformed 1. Operation time for construction, recruitment, and healing is reformed.   ▶Raid Competition Updated 1. Raid Competition is a RvR content competing with accumulated points acquired through attacking monsters. 2. Each civilization can attack only the designated raid monster. 3. Raid monsters can be searched by tapping by [Search Monster] button on the lower right of the event page. 4. If a raid monster stays away from being a target for a certain time, it teleports to a random location. 5. You can attack the raid monster only once daily, which provides you with rewards and points. 6. The estimated time of reaching the raid monster is fixed to 5 minutes. 7. When the event is over, you may receive a ranking reward according to the points you have accumulated, and according to the result, a victory buff and a defeat buff are applied to each civilization.   ▶Shop Reformed 1. There will be a reformation of the sale process and location. Proceed to the Shop Reformation Overview >   ※ Please note that a part of the plans above may change or unapplied at the update.   We will deliver further information by an additional notice when the updates are applied.   Thank you.

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