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[December 10th] Emergency Server Maintenance (Completed)

VERSUS : REALM WAR: Announcement - [December 10th] Emergency Server Maintenance (Completed) image 1

The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   There will be emergency server maintenance on December 10th (Thu).   Please check for details below!   [VERSUS: REALM WAR Server Maintenance Schedule]   1. Time: 2020-12-10(Thu) 09:30~09:40 (GMT+0) ※ The time for maintenance may change considering on-going progress.   2. Targeted server: All servers   3. About - Fixed the issue which system message appears at winning of all kinds of items on the roulette > System message will appear only when winning Seasonal Summon Ticket - Added and deleted part of the loading image - Server stabilization   4. Reward: 100 Gems - Maintenance rewards will be given only to the lords who made their account before Dec. 10th.   ※ Please note - Please update the game to the latest version via market after the maintenance. - The time of the version update application may vary by the market you use. - You cannot play the game during maintenance. - If any changes to the schedule are made, we will inform you through this post.   We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused by this maintenance. VERSUS: REALM WAR will strive to offer you a satisfying service.   Thank you.

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