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[Tzar] Abnormal Event Point Renewal Issue Notice

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   First of all, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.   We have confirmed an abnormal event point renewal issue at [Server Tzar] which occurred after the December 3rd Routine Server Maintenance.   We will try to fix this error as soon as possible.   Please check the details below.   [Abnormal Event Point Renewal Issue]   1. About - The issue which event points of certain lords have been renewed abnormally > Heroes War, Public Security Management, AI Lord Conquest   2. Recipients - Lords of [Server Tzar]   3. Compensation - To every lord > 1,000 Gems   - To lords who have their points renewed > Extra compensation will be given when sending the situation to the Customer Service Center > To lords whose Heroes War point has been renewed - 200 Gems, 25 Lord's Blessing > To lords whose Public Security Management point has been renewed - 1,000 Gems, 120 EXP Potion(XL) > To lords whose AI Lord Conquest point has been renewed - 2 Food Boost(24H), 2 Wood Boost(24H), 2 Stone Boost(24H), 2 Iron Boost(24H)   [Proceed to the Customer Service Center] >   Lords whose event points have been abnormally renewed are advised to contact the Customer Service Center.   Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue, and we will try hard to prevent such issues in the future.   Thank you.

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