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Shop Renewal Notice

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   We have listened to your precious opinions about how to make the shop more comfortable. As the answer, we are planning to present to you the newly designed shop of VERSUS: REALM WAR through the maintenance on September 24th.   Please check the details below!   [Shop Renewal]   1. Shop Renewal 1) Menu improvement

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> Gem Shop: You may now move to the shop directly from your backpack. As before, it has five categories; City Affairs, War, Speed Up, Resource, Etc. You can only access through the backpack.

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※ Items shown are only as an example. You may check the items only through the in-game shop.   > Package Shop: You can buy the package you need at each category below. ① Today's Deal: Consists of Speed Up, War, Resource packages ② Special: Consists of various item packages ③ Event: Consists of items sold at the time of each event ④ Monthly: Consists of items which gives you daily supplies for a month   > Growth: Consists of Growth Shop / VIP Shop / Level Shop / Tower of Wisdom ① Growth Shop: Consists of development assisting packages opened at certain castle levels. ② VIP Shop: Consists of packages which you may purchase with gems. The list changes considering your VIP level. ③ Level Shop: Consists of a package which gives gems when reaching certain levels ④ Tower of Wisdom: Consists of rewards granted gradually by accumulated daily mission points (May upgrade rewards by purchasing Advanced Rewards)   > Gems: You can purchase gems and use them to buy items at the Gem Shop   2. New Items and Systems 1) Mileage > You may collect mileage by purchasing certain packages. > You may purchase items with the mileage at the Mileage Shop. > Items at the Mileage Shop change every seven days. > Mileage will be invalid after 30 days of the last purchase.

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2) Gem Stamps > 1 stamp is collected for each gem purchase. > You may get 1+1 Reward or 2,400 Gems when you collect four stamps. > [1+1 Reward] gives you the same amount of gem that you bought. > 2,400 Gems are given when you collect four stamps with a 1+1 bonus. > You may collect stamps for a 1+1 bonus after you get the 2,400 Gem Reward.   VERSUS: REALM WAR hopes you to enjoy with our newly designed shop, and will strive to provide you stable and comfortable service.   Thank you.

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