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Regulations Concerning Punishment on Abusive Players

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War SLG! Greetings to dear honorable lords. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   We thank all of you lords who enjoy VERSUS: REALM WAR.   VERSUS: REALM WAR always strives to offer you a comfortable service. Despite our efforts, we have confirmed that a few users boosting their resources and inflicting negative influence on our game by taking advantage of our system improperly. Therefore, we will take action to prevent any damage to lords who enjoy our game normally.   Please check the details below.   [Regulations Concerned with System Abuse]   - Standard of Violation 1. Playing the game with 2 or more accounts possessed by another person or entity at the same IP. 2. Deliberately repeating attack or defense to each other to achieve rewards besides loots from the battle. 3. Deliberate behavior while recognizing it will heavily influence the in-game balance. 4. Other improper in-game actions.   - Notice 1. Users who have been accused of suspicious behavior may be blocked entirely or from several functions of the game to inspect thoroughly. 2. If the action is abuse from the inspection result, items resulted from that action may be retrieved. 3. Punishment may become lighter or heavier according to the circumstances.   * Abusing after the time of this notice may be punished. * The rankings of the permanently terminated users will be excluded after the next maintenance. * If a user with a position within an alliance is permanently terminated, the user will be automatically withdrawn from the alliance after 3 days of disconnection. * The position of the punished user will be automatically ceded to the user who first connected after the punishment. * If you have any questions about our regulations, feel free to send an inquiry to our customer service center.   VERSUS: REALM WAR will consistently track and monitor improper actions, and strive to provide you better service.   Thank you.

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