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[Announcement] August 27th Server Consolidation (Modified)

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The Intense Eastern and Western Civilization War, SLG! Greetings to dear Honorable Lords, This is VERSUS: REALM WAR.   To provide you a better game environment, we are planning maintenance for the server merge this 27th of August!   The following information is about the server merge, so please check what's out there and make sure there is no inconvenience.   ■ Date - Aug. 27th (Thu). 2020. 06:00 ~ 09:30 (GMT+0)   ■ Merged Server & New Server Name - Former servers 1~5 -> New server: Tzar - Former servers 6~10 -> New server: Khan   ■ About A. Data Reset 1. All of the user's castle on the field will be relocated at random coordinates. 2. Every alliance territories and buildings will be retrieved. 3. Every troop dispatched on the field will be automatically returned as the maintenance starts. - Gathered resources will be added to your warehouse. - The Port expedition sent will remain in action. 4. Peace Shield(24H) will be automatically applied right after the maintenance. - If you have applied a peace shield, 24 hours will be added to the remaining time. 5. Emperor data will be renewed. - Every Emperor records, assigned positions, buffs, etc. of each former server 6. Bookmark data will be deleted. 7. Message records will be deleted. - Enemy's Scouting, Resources, All Chat, Alliance Chat, Group Chat, 1:1 Chat   B. Civilization Change 1. Civilization Change Ticket will be sent to your message box - You may use it after leaving your current alliance. - Your accumulated data will not be renewed, but the overall appearance will be changed. Example) Da Qiao -> Artemisia (commander of same qualities) / Design changes of each building   C. Accounts 1. Every account bound to Google or Facebook will be maintained and will receive rewards for the server merge. However, dormant accounts will be considered as exceptions. 2. Dormant Account Regulations (Before Maintenance on Aug. 27th) - Accounts of castle level 3 or below and last connected 3 days before - Accounts of castle level 5 or below and last connected 7 days before   D. Rankings 1. Each ranking will be reassigned at each merged servers. - If there is the same value, the order of rankings will be based on the date account created.   E. Alliance 1. The alliance tag and name will be changed. (Lord name will be maintained) - The name will be sequentially changed starting from Alliance NAME_AA0 2. Reset & Reward - Acquired alliance points will remain, but Alliance Territories, Buildings, and Flags will be retrieved. - Alliance Castle: Points required for building the castle will be given to the leader - Alliance Flag: Free Alliance Flag will be given as much as the alliance flag currently owning - Free Alliance Flag will be used first than gems or alliance points.   F. Regular Events 1. Ranking events will be replaced with growth-supporting events on Aug. 24th (Mon) ~ 30th (Sun). - Events at followed date: Age of Prosperity (50% gathering boost), Increased EXP (50% EXP boost by each monster slain) / At all servers 2. Regular events after the server merge will be noticed after the maintenance.   G. Server Merge Rewards 1. Date: Right after the server merge maintenance on Aug. 27th. 2. Location: Message - System 3. Recipients - Common rewards: Former Server 1 ~ Server 10 - Lords at Server 10, the latest server, will be given additional rewards considering their growth speed. Check the detailed information at our post, [Server Consolidation Reward for Server 10].

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H. Others 1. The maintenance time and reward may change considering the on-going progress. We will inform you if any changes are made. 2. If you have any questions about the server merge, please register it at our Customer Service Center. Link:   VERSUS: REALM WAR always pays attention to every voice you make. We promise to do our best at improving content, management, advertising, and any other things to provide you more comfortable and entertaining service after the server merge.   Thank you!

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