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[August 6th] Sever Maintenance

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Greetings, dear Honorable Lords. This is VERSUS:REALM WAR.   We will hold the server maintenance on August 6th(Thu). Please refer to the following schedule to avoid issues in your accounts.   [VERSUS:REALM WAR Server Maintenance Schedule]   - Maintenance Period :2020-08-06(Thu) 07:30~07:40 (GMT+0) - Maintenance Purpose : 1. "Complete all" button added on the Daily Mission page. - May receive all of the daily rewards with the newly added "Complete all" button.   2. Special effects or mark added when commanders are combined - Combination special effect will appear if there are combined commanders at an assembled troop   3. Combination tab improved to easily find combined commanders - May easily find combined commanders when assembling a troop.   4. Improved seeking deserters - May use 10 gems to easily seek deserters.   5. "Peasants' Rebellion" start button & basic point system - Basic points are given at "Peasants' Rebellion". - May swiftly proceed with the event by tapping on the start button when advancing to the next stage.   6. 30-days-attendance reward UI improvement - The Attendance reward UI improved.   7. Commander Summon Probability chart improved - May check commanders you don't have at Commander Summon Probability chart.   8. Improvement of indicating server time - Server time is now indicated considering the standard time of each country.   9. Main mission & daily mission reward pop-up imp - Pop-up has been improved at the main mission & daily mission reward pop-ups.   10. Bugfix - The red dot indicating completion of a Daily Mission has been fixed. - The issue concerned with moving building arrowhead icon remaining after processing the interface is now fixed. - "Troop Recall" item cannot be used when returning from “Scout”. - Errors occurring when receiving rewards and closing the message has been fixed. - The issue concerned with the “Collection” icon occasionally going up has been fixed. - The issue concerned with the map not moving while dragging above a building has been fixed. - The scrolling section in Daily Mission Reward is now fixed. - Display error in the description of the European commander "Mireur" is fixed.   ※ Reward : 100 Gems - The reward will be offered to Lords who make the game account before the maintenance on July 30th.   ※ Please note that the maintenance schedule is subject to change.   Thank you.

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