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Patch Notes 1.0.4

Grand Alliance: notice - Patch Notes 1.0.4 image 2

Below are the listed Patch Notes for Update 1.0.4 going live on 10/20/20   New Content - NEW HALLOWEEN LOGIN EVENT! Sign in any time between now and Oct. 27th to activate the Halloween login calendar. Log in for 10 consecutive days to get every reward! Includes the new skill Night Terrors! - NEW HERO Cassandra deals her way onto the battlefield with a slew of tricky card attacks. She has a boosted banner for the next 2 weeks, so go get her! - NEW SKILL Night Terrors allows you to summon a horde of bats to deal Dark damage and heal your team! It is available from the login calendar and also boosted in Cassandra's banner! - NEW Challenge battles added to the end of the Raven's Oath battle list. Enemies in these battles have a chance to drop Ravensburg Crests too. Recommended battle ratings have also been adjusted for all battles in the event to more accurately reflect the difficulty.   Balance Changes - 28 Day Login Calendar Gem Rewards boosted. Day 7: 10 -> 30 Gems Day 14: 20 -> 30 Gems Day 21: 30 = 30 Gems Day 28 -> 40 -> 100 Gems - Daily Mission Gems increased from 5 -> 15 - Weekly Mission Gems increased from 30 -> 40 -XP and Gold Resource Battles each have 5 additional stages added to smooth out the difficulty curve.   Quality of Life Changes Skill Changes - More adjustments to Rowland's overdrive (Penetrating Round) to improve hit detection. - Fixed Battle Roar's skill description and scaling. Additional upgrade levels weren't scaling the damage debuff properly. - Increased player's stamina cap per account level from 4 -> 6. This should retroactively apply to all players.   Grand Arena - Added your Grand Arena team's battle rating in the matchmaking page. - Changed Grand Arena's matchmaking Shuffles to allow 3 charges. Renews 1 every 8 hours. - Updated Grand Arena's help information window with more up to date details.   XP Tickets - Added small chance to find XP Tickets in scouting. Bigger scouting changes to come later! - Added Particle effect and sound effect when using XP Tickets.   Hero Management - Adjusted heroes' tier up UI to now use a cumulative symbol that builds up to 5 pieces. The duplicate token enhancing now uses a "+" next to the 5-star rating to indicate boosts. - Swiping on the hero management page will now flip through all your heroes. If done from battle prep screen, it will rotate through the 3 squad members. - Added Equipment Optimize/Unequip buttons for fast equipment setup.   Shop - Improved clarity when pulling a hero during Summoning. They will now display 5-star rarity. Hero tiers are now replaced with new UI design in hero details page. - Added red Notification dot when a Free Ad-pull is available. You may need to scroll down to see the resource banner though! - Increased the purchase quantity allowed of the weekly packs in the Pack shop.   Miscellaneous - Improved Login calendars UI to make it easier to see today's reward. - For new players, enabled automove button starting in Tutorial 1 - Improved overall patching process and net code. Players should maintain a much more stable connection in battles.

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