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[Notice] Heresy Judgment Day Skin Update

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Hello Saviors, [Heresy Judgment Day] Skin will take place, where Saviors will be able to purchase skin. For further information, please refer to the [Cash Shop] or the [Skin] icon from the main lobby.   ■ Sales Period ▶ America Server (UTC -8): 2022-3-15 (Tue) 19:00 until 2022-4-12 19:00:00 (Tue)   ▶ Europe Server (UTC +1): 2022-3-16 (Wed) 04:00 until 2022-4-13 04:00:00 (Wed)   ■ Product information

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Judgment Day Skin Package (US$ 99.99) : 1 Savior Skin 1 Savior Skin icon 3 Main Weapon Skin (Demirune, Wind Slayer, Skylark) 1 Sub-Weapon Skin (Shield) 3 Companion Skin (Valein, Kailin, Lyudmila) 3 Companion Weapon Skin (Valein, Kailin, Lyudmila) 3 Companion Skin icon (Valein, Kailin, Lyudmila) 100 Special Summoning Ticket 180 Sweep Ticket 25 Badge of Honor 30 Sealed Special Companion Soul 5000 Emeralds 2,850,000 Gold 100 Crown     Single Product : Savior Skin (3,000 Emeralds) Savior Main Weapon/Sub-Weapon Skin (700 Emeralds each) Companion Skin (2,000 Emeralds each) Companion Weapon Skin (700 Emeralds each) ※Saviors could purchase with emerald directly when trying out skins.   ※ Disclaimer - Skin Packages do not include the Companion character or the weapons themselves. - Upon purchasing a pre-existing skin, the purchased skin will be substituted with Gold immediately after purchase (600,000 Gold for Savior Skins, 400,000 Gold for Companion Skins, 140,000 Gold for the Savior/Companion Weapon Skins) - Screenshots were taken in a test environment, and may differ from implementation - Schedules can be subject to change depending on service conditions      

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